Why solo riding makes more sense on long trips

Solo riding and group riding has their own advantages and disadvantages but it totally depends upon the kind of riding you prefer. Solo riding lets your explore more and gives you the freedom you deserve whenever you embark on a new motorcycle adventure. On the other hand, riding with a group of riders brings safety and fewer expenses. Find out why we think riding alone makes more sense in the report below.

 True sense of freedom –

Until and unless you are riding along with friends who trust you blindly, and have faith in all the plans you’ve made – all the routes you’ve decided, you will never be able to enjoy the true sense of freedom a long bike trip is supposed to fill you with. On the other hand, riding solo with zero interventions from others lets you plan out the entire course all by yourself. It is you who decides everything you wish to explore, all the mid-way stops you wish to take, and not to forget the unplanned detours which you are absolutely free to enjoy.  

A good ride is supposed to clear up your mind and detach you from the daily things you wish to escape from. It can truly be achieved only when one is riding alone and nobody else is there to alter this peace. On the flip side, the more people may equal to more arguments and the entire riding motto is somewhere lost in the echo.

 Group riding is trickier and slower –

 Riding in a group surely is slower when compared to riding alone. In a group you always have to wait for others to show up, you always have to ride as a group hence you have to stop every time when somebody wants to light up a cigarette, or simply take a break. On the other hand, riding alone is faster as you stop only when you wish to.

In a group ride, the skill level of every rider is different and the average pace of the group is decided by the slowest rider (unless you would want to leave them behind), and hence it sometimes becomes irritating to take a halt after every 30 minutes.

Why we believe that riding solo is comparatively less tricky is because of the fact that one is free from riding in a formation. Group riding can also sometimes involve unintentional racing which is never safe on the public roads, especially when riding long distances.

Solo riding is more convenient –

It is for sure that solo riding is more convenient compared to the group riding. It is because you get the convenience of time and you get to decide how much time would you want to spend at a specific place and since you are not bounded by a prefixed common time plan set by someone else in the team, you get the freedom and convenience of enjoying the trip on your own terms.  

It is more adventurous –

There is always an uncertainty involved that things might not go as planned when riding alone. You might get a flat tyre, you might run out of fuel, or might simply lose your way. But this is what the motorcycle journey is all about. It might not be the cup of tea for everyone, but it is surely the thing for the adventure junkies who are never afraid of new challenges.

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