Top ways to make your motorcycle faster – Part 1

All the motorcycles present on the roads today are generally designed in accordance to the rules and regulations set by the government. These rules may involve various emission standards for the engines, noise decibel standards for the exhaust sound, and a number of other things that manufacturers have to adhere to in order to come up with a final product which is certified fit – passing all the tests set by the law.

So apart from restricting high levels of pollutants, these rules also bind the bike makers to bring out the best performance out of a motorcycle. Hence all the motorcycles which are sold in the stock form have huge potential for further performance upgrades. So before coming to the conclusion that your motorcycle can’t go any faster, you should know that the stock bike can be modified in a number of ways which can enhance it capabilities and can increase its overall speed by as much as 30% or even more depending on the modifications. So make sure you give the below article a thorough read where we list down a number of steps which will definitely help your motorcycle to go faster. 

  1. Shrug off extra weight –

It doesn’t matter how powerful a motorcycle is as long as it is not light enough. The golden rule of going faster is not just increasing the power of the motorbike, but also reducing the extra weight. How fast a motorcycle can go only depends on its overall power-to-weight ratio and not just on its engine output figures.

So make sure you chuck off all the heavier components of your motorcycle like saree guard, grab rails, mirrors, crash cage/gaurds and some other bits which might add on to overall weight of the motorcycle. Also, start replacing heavier bike components with the lighter ones from the aftermarket, for example there are lighter batteries available, lighter alloys, handle bars, and also fairing.

Doing all this will definitely make a difference when overall motorcycle weight is taken into consideration.

  • Get new tyres –

Getting newer stickier tyre set is the very next step. As all the power is nothing without the grip. If your motorcycle doesn’t have tyres of good quality then it really doesn’t matter how many horses does the engine churns out. Good tyres will help you attain faster corner speeds, stable top speeds, lesser braking distance, and much more. So try to invest in the best tyre set suited for your motorcycle.  

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  • Remap ECU –

Remapping ECU of your bike is one of the most effective ways to make your motorcycle faster. You can de-restrict your motorcycle’s top-speed, you can modify fueling, and also change the power delivery as your need. But mind you, all this can cost you a bomb if you are getting services of someone who really know how to get things done.

  • Get a race air filter –

Air filters’ job is provide clean air for the combustion that’s happening inside the engine chambers, and the more air it allows through, more is the combustion and output power. A race air-filter is necessarily design to provide de-restricted air-flow to the engine which is comparatively larger than the regular filters. Air-filters are generally not very costly to buy, and hence is a cheap yet effective way towards a faster bike.

  • Get a race exhaust –

Addition of a race exhaust not only brings down the overall weight of a bike because it is tremendously light, but at the same time, it adds a couple of horses to the bike’s overall output figures. A race exhaust can add as much as 10% more power which is critical from racing point of view.

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