Top value for money bike and scooters under Rs 1 lakh

If there was a competition for price-sensitive markets, India would get all gold, silver and bronze medals. All the OEMs present in India today make sure that their products should definitely justify the price tag they are offered at or else they definitely don’t do well in a market like ours.   

On the flip side, a few manufacturers who have truly cracked the code are Hero Motocorp, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, and Bajaj Auto. Especially the former, Hero Motocorp which is not only India’s but world’s biggest two-wheeler maker all thanks to the commuter specific budget bikes that it has been making for decades now.

So in the report below we have hand-picked a number of bikes which we think are possibly the best value for money proposition present in the market under Rs 1 lakh. And a few criteria(s) that we have laid for every model include price, mileage, cost of ownership, and longevity.

value for money bike

Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor needs no introduction; also it doesn’t need today’s critics to prove is mettle. It has been the king of the hill for a long time now, and now often locks horns with Honda Activa as the most selling two-wheeler of the country. Hero Motocorp dispatched over 2,44,241 units of Splendor (February 2019) making it the most selling two-wheeler of the country followed by Honda Activa (2,05,239 units) in the same month. Originally which started as Splendor, now has a cult following in India and retails in five different models namely Super Splendor IBS, New Super Splendor IBS, Splendor Ismart + IBS, Splendor Pro and Splendor + IBS i3S.

value for money bike

Prices for Hero Splendor Pro model starts at Rs 49,498 (Ex-showroom)

Honda Activa-

Indian two-wheeler market was in a nascent stage 20 years back. It was open for all manufacturers to put their products to test for an audience which never had many options available before.

 ‘Honda came, Honda saw, and Honda Conquered.’

The company launched the Activa scooter brand in Indian almost 20 years back, and till date no ever scooter in the market has even been able to come even close to Activa’s popularity in terms of monthly sales figures. Aforementioned, it rivals the likes of Hero Splendor in terms of cult followership and hence can be considered one of the best ‘ values for money’ two-wheelers in India.  

value for money bike

Prices for Activa I model starts at Rs 50,867 (Ex-showroom)

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Bajaj Pulsar

Bajaj Auto is largely famous for making the Pulsar series of motorcycles. What started as an old-school 150cc charm now sells in close to nine different Pulsar models ranging from humble Pulsar 150 to the semi-faired Pulsar 220F. The Pulsar brand is largely marketed as a fun, sporty and stunts friendly motorcycles, and this may be perhaps the secret formula for the brand’s success.

value for money bike

Prices for Pulsar 150 model starts at Rs 77,050 (Ex-showroom)

TVS Jupiter

Another scooter in today’s report is India’s second most selling scooter, the TVS Jupiter. It is comparatively a newcomer in the list but has gathered much appreciation for offering a long list of features (claimed best in the segment), a reliable and fuel efficient engine and low ownership cost. It is offered in a total of five variants, including Basic, ZX, ZX Disc, Classic and Grand.

value for money bike

Price starts at Rs 52,645 (Ex-showroom)

Honda CB Shine

If one more Honda motorcycle has to be included in today’s ‘value for money’ list then it is none other than the CB Shine. Other than Hero Splendor, the most loved bike in the commuter segment is the Honda CB Shine which is known for its reliable and smooth performance, low cost of ownership and impeccable build quality. The CB Shine is truly an epitome in affordable and low displacement motorcycles which have cult followership in India. The motorcycle is present in two models, the CB Shine and the CB Shine SP.

value for money bike

Prices for CB Shine model starts at Rs 57,779 (Ex-Showroom)

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