Top tips to protect your motorcycle paint

No matter you expensive the motorcycle or car you drive is, but if it’s not shining like new the admiration level of the onlookers will never be satisfactory for you. Even brand new vehicles can get their paint surface ruined if proper care is not taken in the first place. So in the article below we write about top tips you must follow to keep the paint of your vehicle shine like new.

Wash your bike regularly

It is very important to keep your motorcycle neat and clean, the reason being the dirt and muck sticking on to the hidden corners of the metal surface starts active corrosion which destroys the paint surface even before you know it. So if you make sure the bike is properly washed on a timely basis and you don’t cut corners while doing the same, the life of bike’s paint surface will enhance automatically.

Motorcycle paint

Use microfiber cloth for all cleaning activities

It is very important that you clean or wash your bike only with microfiber cloth. This cloth is made especially for deep cleaning purposes. Such clothes are made up of more fibers compared to regular clothes, and hence attract more dirt particles than any other cloth used for cleaning purposes. Also they do not leave any scratch marks and are hence best suited for motorcycle cleaning.

Motorcycle paint

Avoid writing on the bike with fingers-

This might sound funny initially but make sure you do not put finger marks on the bike especially when it is dirty. The finger acts like a sandpaper when it is rubbed against the paint surface which isn’t clean. The dust and dirt on the paint surface will leave scratch marks which will be very tough to be removed. So always avoid writing.

Motorcycle paint

Treat the bike with paint sealant

If you don’t know about it, paint sealant protects the paint surface by applying a protective layer on it. You should treat the bike’s paint with this only once or twice a year and not more than that. Make sure a bonding agent is mixed with the sealant and the ratio of the solution should strictly be 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. When applying the same, do it in a circular motion on one paint section at a time. When the texture is changed, rub the surface with a towel or micro fiber cloth in the similar circular motion. This process will increase the life of your bike’s paint for sure.

Motorcycle paint

Wax your motorcycle regularly

The paint surface is prone to many damage and corrosive elements in day to day life such as hard water, bird droppings, moisture, dirt and much more. Make sure you wax and polish the motorcycle regularly, especially after every wash. This will create a temporary protective thin layer on the surface until the bike is washed again. And hence the surface will take less damage by daily corrosive elements.

Do not use hard water for washing

Make sure your bike is washed only with fresh water which is at the correct temperature. If the water is warm it catalyzes the salts in its composition which may react with the paint surface in a longer term, hence there are more chance of paint corrosion. Hard water also reacts the same way with paint surfaces.

Repair dents and damages with no delay

Dents and paint damages are more prone to rust and corrosion compared to an undamaged paint surface. This in longer term may prove to be dangerous for the bike as rusted surfaces gets weaken with time and lose their original properties rather easily.

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