Top tips to prepare your motorcycle for long storage!

There are times when motorcycles are needed to be kept stored for longer duration, say five to six months or even more. For example you need to urgently move to a new city for a new job or if you are simply not in a mood to ride the bike for next few months due to health conditions. In that case, bikes are best kept stored the right way. Most of us are not aware about the proper directions which are needed to be followed when storing the bikes for a long time which may create some serious troubles when the bikes are needed to be brought back to their previous form. You might have heard about the times (or seen yourself) when bikes are unable to start due to dead batteries or choked fuel systems after they are left abandoned in the garages for long intervals, and this is exactly what we are going to discuss in the report below. So scroll on to know about the proper techniques you need to learn when storing your motorcycle for a longer period.

Chain lube and cleaning

1. Remove the battery or simply unplug it –

The most common problem faced by motorbikes when parked for a long time is dead batteries. And it is simply because when batteries aren’t used for long time even when they are plugged into the system, they tend to drain out eventually which may happen even to the new batteries once they are plugged in. The usual time it takes for their juice to run out (when not in use) is usually between 50 to 80 days. In such case, simply unplug the battery wires connected to the motorcycle and you are good to go. Thus the battery life will remain constant since it wasn’t connected to the bike’s circuit all this while and even if you use it after six to eight months, it will remain the same.

Chain lube and cleaning

2. Wash and cover the bike properly –

The reason why you should properly wash, polish, and cover your motorcycle before it is stored for a long time is not just because you’ll find it clean when you take the covers off but more importantly because the dirt and muck sticking to the surface will be pulled away and won’t cause any damage to the paint or metal surface in a long time. As such pollutants may react with surfaces over a long period and hence cutting the chances of degradation and rust. So it is always advisable to wash, polish and cover your bike properly before storing it.

Chain lube and Cleaning

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Also make sure to do a chain maintenance session for the same reason, as dirt and slush sticking to the chain may eat up its seals creating rust and harming the overall life of the chain set.

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3. Change the oil –

The bike should be properly serviced before preparing it for the storage for the coming months and this includes replacement of its engine oil and filters. Most of you might not be aware but a used engine oil is different in terms of its properties compared to fresh oil, and this is majorly because of its higher carbon content which slowly rises as the oil reaches it replacement cycle time. This carbon content slowly gets separated and rises to the surface and gets deposit there. This is highly corrosive which reacts to the internal chamber surface of the engine causing etching on important internal parts such as transmission and bearings. Hence a proper servicing session should be carried on to the motorcycle before storing it for a longer duration.

4. Fuel system preparation –

This step is one of the most important when it comes to storing the bike, and it is done to prevent the extreme conditions which lead to chocked up carburetors and fuel injectors when the fuel is left over in the stored motorcycles. And this is also because of the introduction of ethanol in modern day fuels which has catalyzed this issue. Ethanol holds the suspended or dissolved water due to its more hygroscopic nature compared to the regular gasoline. This property of ethanol leds to component corrosion, gum, varnish and carbon deposits which is an enemy to the fuel-injectors which are especially not cheaper to replace in modern bikes. This is also deadly for bike with carbureted fuel systems.

What can be done?

The best solution in this case is to fill up your fuel tank and add additives which are specially used to treat ethanol related problems. After the addition, make sure you take out the bike for a short spin to let the solution mix well before storing.

5. Raise the bike on a center stand –

Another part which can get a permanent damage when a bike stored in a position for a long time is its tyres. The tyres tend to lose air naturally over time, and get deflate in the process. Also, if the bike remains in a constant position for a considerably longer period, the tyres might get a permanent flat surface where they were touching the ground. Hence, it is always advisable to use a centre stand or a paddock stand when the bike is parked. Also ensure that the tyres are filled a unit or two above the recommended tyre pressure when stored. Raising the bike higher from the ground will also lift off pressure from the bike’s suspension at both the ends.

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