Top tips to maximize performance of your bike’s engine

A motorcycle’s engine is its heart; the best way to squeeze out the maximum performance out of an engine is to take care of it every single day. The engine is the most critical part of a bike as it does the ultimate duty of providing power to the rear wheel which thrusts the bike forward, also it is one of the core components of a bike which isn’t cheap to replace. So how your motorcycle performs is mostly dependent on the fact how well its engine is taken cared throughout its life. There are several tips and tricks which we have enlisted in the report below, follow up to know how to maximize the engine’s performance in five simple steps.

Upgrade to race-spec engine oil:

Engine oils can either upgrade the performance of degrade it. And this is the reason why there are strict instructions for the racing teams to use specific grade of oils in their racing vehicles. Different oils perform differently depending up on their composition and properties. Racing grade engine oils are generally engineered to perform at very high engine temperatures where other oils can simply not deliver the out straight performance which is required under extreme pressures.

So in short by using such high-grade oils your engine would be able to perform more steadily even at the higher rpms. But point to be noted here is that make sure the oil you are looking forward to is certified fit to use as per your engine configuration.  

Also keep a check that you change the engine oil on a timely basis.

Warming up of the engine:

Warming up your engine before a motorcycle ride is perhaps one of the best habits your can learn. The simple way to warm up the machine is to turn the engine ignition on and keep the revs at idle for about a minute or two. This process will heat up the engine oil temperature and will make it circuit around the engine chambers which dry up in just a couple of hours when the bike is parked.

When followed regularly, this will help maintaining engine’s life and will keep its components intact for the best performance over a longer period of time.

Get a race air filter:

Air filters’ job is provide clean air to the internal combustion engines, and more the air it allows through, more is the combustion and output power. A race air-filter is necessarily design to provide de-restricted air-flow to the engine which is comparatively larger than the regular filters. Air-filters are generally not very costly to buy, and hence is a cheap yet effective way towards a more improved engine performance.

There are different types of filters present in the market. Some of them are easy clean filters while others are not. So depending on your budget select the filter that best suit your needs.

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Remapping of the ECU:

Remapping ECU of your bike is one of the most effective ways to make your engine deliver best performance. You can de-restrict your motorcycle’s top-speed, modify fueling, and also change the power delivery as your need. But mind you, all this can cost you a bomb if you are getting services of someone who really know how to get things done. So ECU remapping is one the best upgrades to go for if you want more performance out of the same package.

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