Top tips to make your motorcycle more visible at night

Night driving or riding is highly risky, not just because the roads are less populated and help isn’t as readily available unlike the day time, but also because visibility drops drastically which amplifies the risks and chances of an accident.   

The best thing to do in such case is to modify your motorcycle with such gadgets and accessories which make it more visible for others. So in the article below we short list some bike accessories which will make you and your bike more visible to other vehicles on the road.

  • Reflective Rim Tapes:

Reflective rim tapes, as the name says, are taped to the tip of the motorcycle wheel. These are very common in motorcycle aftermarket and can be bought at a very reasonable price ranging in INR 500 to INR 2,000. These tapes reflect the direct oncoming lights and hence make the motorcycle and the rider fairly more visible. It is always advisable to use reflective rim tapes if you ride more often at night.

  • Pnp Hazard Flasher Module:

This bike accessory is a must for every biker who likes to ride at night. It is designed to light up all the direction indicators in a specific format which attracts attention out there on the road. It can be said as a more effective version of hazard lights which can be seen in cars and premium motorcycles.  Best thing about this PnP Hazard Flasher Module is that it comes in 20 different light patterns which can be selected depending upon one’s own style and preference. Also, it is very easy to install and doesn’t involve any wire tempering hence doesn’t affect warranty of the motorcycle. Since it is waterproof and shockproof, it can survive all the harsh riding conditions motorcycles are subjected to, ensuring longevity and trouble free use. 

Hazard flash lights
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  • Bar end lights:

Bar end lights is another accessory which adds to the safety factor of a rider. These lights are added to the end points of a motorcycle handle bar and are illuminated as soon as the ignition is turned on. These bar end lights can be fitted on to any motorcycle and is a modification which cost peanuts. It is a must for every motorcyclist who prefers night riding over day riding.

  • Aftermarket LED headlights:

Stock headlights sometimes may not be very effective and hence not provide the best illumination when the day light goes down. The solution is thus to equip the motorcycle with aftermarket LED supporting lights which light up the front view by as much as 50%. Thus potholes and broken tarmac are more visible which adds to the overall safety at night.

Also, the brighter the lights are, more visible your motorcycle will be.

Additional tip: Wear reflective vests:

Reflective vests make the rider more visible during dark hours. These vests are best used as an external layer on riding jackets and work by reflecting lights which strikes on them. These are available in abundance in the market place and prices start from as low as Rs 200 and extend up to Rs 3,000 for international brands. These reflective tapes and vests can also be used to cover luggage which further enhances visibility factor.

Also avoid wearing dark coloured riding gears at night.

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