Top Tips: Motorcycle visor cleaning and maintenance

A motorcycle helmet is the most important riding gear as it protects your head. There are different varieties of helmets present in the market today but the good ones are quite expensive and only start from INR 8,000 to INR 10,000. Some even extend till INR 2 lakh mark but those are race-spec helmets. The more expensive a helmet is the more its visor cost. So it is always recommended to take a special care of your visor primarily because of the safety concerns and secondary because of the monetary aspects, as visors of the modern day helmets aren’t really cheap to replace.

A visor is like the window view to the road ahead, the cleaner it is, the safer view it provides.  

So in the article below we explain to you why you should always take care of your helmet’s visor and we also short list some of the safest ways to clean and maintain it.

Which type of visor is the most convenient to clean?

Compare to the previous lids, most of the modern day helmets come with a quick visor release function which makes it easy to take off or replace the visor. Though it shouldn’t be the only criteria, but do look for this easy visor release function when buying a new helmet as it makes the visor cleaning easier.

For a visor to stay functional, it is always recommended that it should be cleaned after every ride as dirt, flies, and bugs smashed on to the front screen can easily be taken off if they haven’t hardened with time. To clean the visor the right way, simply take it off the helmet soak in the water before wiping off its surface with a microfiber cloth. While doing so, do make sure that you do not put too much pressure on to the glass or it may leave nasty scratches on the visor (which are apparently worst).

In another case, if you are too lazy to take off the visor, simply use a Motul Visor Cleaner spray (as available on the by applying the same on the visor surface followed by a wiping session with light hands, and your visor will be as clear as new.

Dry wiping is deadly for motorcycle visors:

Never ever try to ‘dry wipe’ the visor surface as it will surely leave some wicked scratches on the surface which cannot be removed by any liquid or cleaner afterwards. Also, if you have forgotten to carry a microfiber cloth along, use face wipe tissues as they are also good to do the job without causing any damage to the visor.

When cleaning the helmet, make sure you do not use sprays with any oil contents in it as it may leave a thin smeary film on the visor which then creates a ‘starring’ effect when light falls on it directly.

Avoid close range riding:

When riding on the road, do not follow the vehicles ahead too closely to avoid their firing range as some tiny bits of rocks and stones may fly off from their rear rubbers only to deal a permanent damage on to the visor surface.

You can also ensure a longer life of your visor by avoiding hanging the helmet carelessly at places from where it can fall off easily like the motorcycle’s tank, rear view mirrors or handlebar. So it’s always advisable to lock the helmet carefully onto the places which are meant especially for the same purpose, for example helmet hooks. 

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