Top reasons to carry Air Comfy seat on your next bike tour

It’s the riding season again. Starting from August to October, it is that time of the year which is considered best for riding a motorcycle or finally executing the trip that you have been planning for a long time now.

Long motorcycle trips give you an experience of a lifetime, you always bring back a bag full of memories which lasts forever. The sheer sense of adventure itself makes the trip worthwhile, and albeit there is no such rule written in any book but it is passed down the ages that you tour on a motorbike to keep your inner self happy and at peace.

So if you are planning such a trip lately then make sure your motorcycle is as comfortable as it gets, starting off with the saddle. Grandpitstop’s Air Comfy Seat is all you need to make your motorcycle more bearable while spending long saddle hours. In the article below we list down top five reasons to buy it before your next motorcycle trip.

Air Seat
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Added comfort:

The Air Comfy Seat works as an air cushion between the rider’s back and the saddle of the motorcycle. This air cushion between both the surfaces helps distributes the pressure from the rider’s body throughout the surface area of the air seat. Thus this reduces pressure on the back and keeps the posture comfortable for an extended period of time. The Air Comfy Seat takes comfort to another level and thus the need for timely stoppages between the trips reduces considerably.  So if you suffer from back pain often on a long bike trip, Grandpitstop’s Air Comfy Seat is the best option you can go for.


On-seat ventilation is very important when it comes to long motorcycle rides. It prevents sweating on the rider’s behind. So apart from extended comfort, the other benefit of the Air Comfy Seat is the proper air ventilation it maintains through the smartly engraved criss-cross pattern which allows the air to pass through and maintains proper ventilation irrespective of the riding time spent on the motorcycle.

Air Seat
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Good for your tail bone:

The Air Comfy Seat is proven to reduce the jerks on the lower back by 50% as the air-set acts as a suspension between the rider’s back and the saddle. It has been designed to distribute and thus reduce pressure points on the back, and hence this has medical benefits if you go on occasional long rides.

Comes with the convenience of an inflator:

Most other similar products in the market don’t offer the functionality of a deflator or an inflator, and thus it is tricky to carry them in a backpack with limited space. On the flipside, Grandpitstop’s Air Comfy seat comes with a manual pump attached to its side which helps in inflating the seat as per your choice and comfort, at the same time it can be deflated on the go in case you wish to pack it again in your backpack. In this way, it is highly handy to carry around effectively.


Albeit there is no real alternative to the Grandpitsop’s Air Comfy Seat but the only other option which is left is to get yourself a custom saddle which has been designed as per your body dimensions. But we reckon that a properly made – custom saddle may cost you four times as that of the cost of an Air Comfy Seat. So it is truly the most economical way to make your bike comfortable.

Air Seat

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