Top reasons to attend India Bike Week 2019

The 6th edition of the India Bike Week, also known as IBW, is slated to take place on 6th and 7th of December 2019. Like every year, Goa will host this bike festival in Vagator. For the uninitiated, India Bike Week was launched for the very first time back in 2013. The first ever event of such kind, which appealed to bikers from all around to country, witness a participation of over 5,300 bikers.  In the next couple of years, by 2017, the participation count jumped up to over 15,000 visitors, and for this year, it is expected that over 20,000 people will be part of this iconic motorcycle event.

While by the time its December, thousands of bikers ride down to Goa to participate in the IBW, as IBW has developed a cult following which is only expected to grow big year on year. The people who prefer riding down to Goa to participate in IBW are a part of the tradition called the ‘Great Migration’. For the year 2019, IBW is going to a slew of events for everyone associated to with the biking community be it the The Great Migration rides to Goa, to the new bike launches, music at the IBW RevMoto Stage, the Howling Dog Bar and the India Stunt Championship to the IBW Bikers’ Club Village and All India Biker Build-Off. So we list down a number of events that India Bike Week is going to host for this season 2019.

  • The Great Migration Ride 2019:

The Great Migration Ride 2019 will see the participation of a thousand of motorcycle riders which will ride all the way from their respective origin cities to Goa just to attend the event on their own motorcycles.

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  • Polaris Test Rides:

Another event which attracts the attention of the crowd is the Polaris test ride event which gives an opportunity to everyone which is interested in testing out the Polaris ADVs placed at the venue. Since Polaris does not have a presence in majority of smaller cities in India, so the company uses this golden opportunity to showcase its products and let the crowd experience its vastly capable products. So if you are planning to attend this IBW 2019, and have a soft corner for ADVs, make sure not to miss the Polaris experience zone.

  • Dirt Track Races:

Another event India Bike Week is insanely famous for are the dirt track races that take place every year. This isn’t a very competitive event but happens just for fun and excitement. There no such eligibility criteria to participate in the race , and all you need to participate your motorcycle which can take abuse from the dirt track, your riding gears, a valid driving license and whole lotta enthusiasm to compete against the fellow dirt riders. This event takes places on hourly basis but you need to reserve your slot in advance because the entries are very limited.

  • Stunt Shows:

Any other hardcore motorcycle event can’t conclude with bike stunt shows, and India Bike Week offers exactly the same. Like every year, the 2019 season is expected to bring a ton of excitement from new motorcycle stunt groups which will awe the audience with their high-energy motorcycle stunt sequences.

  • Bike Build-off Competition:

This is a competitive event which takes place between some of the very best bike custom houses in India. There are many different levels of the event. Under one level, the participant houses compete with their best builds, it may not specifically for the event. At the same time there is a whole different level where competitors showcase their custom machines which have been built just for this season of India Bike Week.

  • Custom Bike Display:

Apart from the contest which awards bike modification houses for their build-offs, there is a sea of custom bikes at display which only adds more fun to the already thrilling event. You can found hundreds of custom motorcycles which are as unique as they get.

  • Live Music Concerts:

Apart from all the motorcycle fun that’s happening around at the India Bike Week, make sure you do not miss out on the amazing live music event which is the soul of the IBW. Sticking around till its dark is probably the best idea to enjoy all the live concerts which happen at the IBW. Like every year, this year too, IBW will witness the performances of a number of rock bands and DJs which will truly make the experience worth it.

India Bike Week
  • OEM participation:

India Bike Week brings a unique opportunity to launch or showcase their products which seem fit for the India market. And why not? With an expected foot fall of over 20,000 bikers for the year 2019, the active participation of OEMs is also expected to go up. If you recollect, major brands including Royal Enfield, Ducati and KTM has launched their several hot products at the IBW. Even this year, KTM is gearing up to display its 2020 Super Duke R officially in India for the very first time at this event. The Super Duke R, as the name says, is the flagship bike from KTM. Since KTM has already established a cult in the Indian market with its products like 200,390 Duke and RC bikes, it will indeed prove to be a golden opportunity for the orange bike maker to gather feedback on the same and decide its future strategy.

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 Apart from everything that’s mentioned above, events like Biker flea market, Men of steel parade, Speakers Corner, Brand Exhibitor Zone, Bike/Fixer Zone, Curated Food Fest, Training Sessions, Beer Gardens and much more, will rock the India Bike Week 2019. 

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