Top motorcycle touring roads in India

India’s landscape is said to be colossal which changes every hundred of kilometers. We have long winding roads that run parallel throughout coastlines in South India, on the other hand, the Himalayan serpentine roads which are mostly covered in snow throughout the year are said to be one of the most challenging roads of the world.

So do you plan on spending most of your days on the roads, measuring country corners on its highways? Have you been planning to embark on a motorcycle journey of a lifetime throughout India? And do you find peace exploring new routes, new destinations, and the travel bug is your pet name? If so, then we will be penning down some of the most serene motorcycle roads of India in the report below. Get your engines started. . .

Motorcycle touring roads

Manali to Leh Highway

There is no way the list can start from any other highway which is even close to the serenity of Manali to Leh stretch. It has been part of some major Bollywood blockbusters and is bikers’ first choice when all Indian highways are talked about. Words fall short to describe the heavenly beauty of this road which stretches over 479kms and usually takes about 2 days to cover on a motorcycle. It remains open for tourists for about 5 months during summer months.

But make sure to prepare yourself well before heading on to this highway. There are rare mid-way stop points where you can stop by and relax. Also, your motorcycle should be in its finest state in order to successfully complete this trip without breaking down.

Motorcycle touring roads

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Mumbai To Pune Expressway

The Mumbai to Pune Expressway is the perfect getaway road for the people who live in the busy city life of Mumbai city and think of Lonavala for a short weekend road trip. And why not, it is a peaceful getaway destination which is surrounded by mountains, soft breezes of high altitude, a laid back vibe, and lush green foliage.

Starting from Mumbai, the highway leads up to Lonavala in not more than 90-95kms and is about 2-kilometer ride from Mumbai. Since it is quite a commercialized stretch, you will find many mid-way stops and food joints serving lip-smacking local food.

Motorcycle touring roads

Manali to Shimla via Mandi

The highway runs through the heart of Himachal Pradesh and offers some of the most beautiful roads you can ride your motorcycle on, and what makes it more intriguing is the fact that when you wish to detour, or take a stop mid-way, just pull over – get off any time and soak your feet in the ice-cold water of the river that flows down from the Himalayas.  The highway stretches for about 250kms and can be covered in 8 hours of the ride.

Motorcycle touring roads

Tawang from Guwahati

It is one of the most scenic highways between two must-visit spots in the Northeast. The ride can be tiring and challenging due to high altitudes and low temperatures, but at the same time, equally rewarding as the road leads through the beautiful snow-covered mountains which yet remains untouched by many. The journey takes about 12 hours on a motorcycle to cover 520kms, but the ride is simply worth it.  

Motorcycle touring roads

Pondicherry from Chennai

This highway is one of the most unique ones on the list. And it is simply because of the fact that it runs parallel to the sea coastline that leads to the beautiful city of Pondicherry. It is also perfect to ride throughout the year and stretches for about 160 km and runs through the UNESCO World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram.

Motorcycle touring roads

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