Top five tips to keep your helmet new after years

Helmet is arguably the most important bike safety gear that money can buy. Modern helmets can cost as much as $1000 to $2000, but that doesn’t guarantee they will stay new for the years to come. Their life and performance totally depends up on the way they are used or abused. Average helmets when used regularly should be replaced at about every 3 to 4 years, but then again you can always extend their life time if you know about the right tips that will keep them new. So in the article below we list down a number of helmet maintenance tips to extend its life.

  1. Never hang helmet on the bike –

The most common mistake that we do is that sometimes we leave the helmet kept on the bike’s fuel tank, or we clip it under the seat in a hurry. Doing this can sometimes lead to irreversible damage to the outer shell and paint of the helmet if it falls on the ground by mistake. Other than that it can also get easily stolen if somebody tries to cut the strap and steal it. So it is always recommended that you carry the helmet where ever you go in its carry bag.

  • Proper storage –

Proper storage of a helmet is very important if you do not want to wear a smelly helmet when you unbox it after weeks for the usage. So make sure that you let the helmet dry under a direct fan to let all the sweat and moisture dry away from the pads. If helmet is not properly dried up it leaves a very stinky smell and bad odor in a longer term and you really wouldn’t want to put your head in a helmet which stinks all the time. Isn’t it? Also make sure to use spare silica gel packs while storing the helmet in your helmet bag.

  • Cleaning and maintenance –

Proper timely cleaning is very important for a helmet to maintain its shine and internal hygiene. Helmets should be cleaned in a proper way both externally and internally. Within just days of continuous use you will see bugs guts sticking over the shell which have hardened and are tricky to remove without damaging the paint. Make sure you spray little water and let them soak it before cleaning with the use of a soft microfiber cloth. Do not scrub hard or you might end up with scratches on the surface. Avoid using any ammonia-based cleaners on the visor and shell as it results in the ammonia breaking down the helmet’s polycarbonate and compromising its integrity over time.  

When cleaning the inner liners and cheek pads, remove them separately and soak in a mild detergent for a few minutes and let the dirt rinse off. Dry them under fan or keep in open air for a few hours before installing them. Non removable liners can be directly cleaned using internal sanitizers, just spray and wipe clean.

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  • Use a face mask/balaclava –

Using face mask/balaclava is a great way to protect not just your face from dust and dirt but also your helmet from absorbing body sweat and oils. So it is always recommended that you use balaclavas when riding your bike.

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  • Lubricate the hinge mechanism on the helmet with silicon based lubricant for uninterrupted use.

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