Top bike accessories for long highway trips

It’s the riding season for this year, and all you folks must be collecting up the stuff you wish to take around on your motorbike for your upcoming trip. When it comes to motorcycles, you should carry only the most necessary luggage that is limited and won’t be an issue when you wish to strap it on or off your tour bike.

There are some absolutely necessary accessories you need to make your motorbike journey a success and the report below is going to walk you through some of them in a flash.

Bike mobile holder with charger

The first and the most basic bike accessory you need is the bike mobile holder with charger. This allows you to firmly attach your mobile on to the handle-bar of your motorcycle. It comes with a strong X-grip that sticks on to the frame of the mobile device and holds it rigidly irrespective of the riding conditions. You can turn on your navigation system and clamp the device safely, also it comes with a charging socket which doesn’t let your device run out of the juice even when you are on the move and there is no charging point near-by.

Price: It is originally priced at INR 1,499 but is currently available for just INR 699, for a limited period of time.

Face Mask

Another basic, but important accessory you need when you have to spend long saddle hours is the Face Mask. It is sewed from high-quality neoprene cloth which is silky smooth and safe to wear on all skin types. This is a must-have accessory if you have pollution concerns and wish to keep yourself safe. This has been designed to fit within all helmet types, and at the same time, it protects your skin and covers your nasal passage from the dust that blows on highways. At the same time, this anti-pollution mask is also effective in protection from the UV sunlight.

Price: You can currently buy it at a discounted price of just INR 249.

Air Comfy Seat

If your back is usually sore after a long ride on your motorbike then you are in desperate need of the Air Comfy Seat.  This air seat can be fitted on to absolutely any motorcycle irrespective of the size or the make, and thus makes the saddle far more comfortable than before. The air comfy seat is designed to spread the pressure from the rider’s back on to the smartly-designed air cushions which sit inside this seat and hence helps to reduce the pressure points and stress on the back. This seat also allows for the air ventilation and thus reduces sweating and itching on the back, irrespective of the time spent on the saddle. It’s another benefit is that comes fitted with a smartly designed hand pump which allows the seat to be inflated to deflated on the go, and hence it can also be carried inside a backpack with the utmost ease.

Price: It can be bought at INR 2,499 currently, while its original price stands at INR 4,000.

Puncture Repair kit

A good road trip can, in fact, turn into an instant disaster if your bike gives upright in the middle of nowhere and a flat tyre is definitely the last thing you will wish for until you want to do some exercise pushing a fully-loaded motorcycle to a puncture shop (if you find one). A good puncture repair kit can save your time and energy.  

The Grandpitstop’s Universal Puncture Repair Kit allows you to heal the punctures in no time. Also, there is no need for an extra helping hand and you can do that all by yourself. It has been smartly designed to fit in even in a small backpack. So if wish for uninterrupted rides, this kit is a must.

Price:  The Mini Puncture Repair Kit will cost you INR: 1,349, while the Gun Puncture Repair Kit retails at INR 2,549.

Luggage Straps

Luggage Straps, as the name say are used to tie the luggage you wish to carry on your motorbike. But not all luggage straps in the market are the same. Grandpitstop has specially designed these straps keeping safety and convenience as the first priorities. Below are the few points why you must only but it from

  1. These straps are highly compatible with all kinds of motorcycles present in the market today and can be used on any bike.
  2. Other straps come with metal hooks which are unstable and ruin motorcycle paint surface, on the other hand, this product comes with a snap hook safety feature which keeps the luggage intact and hooked on to the motorcycle irrespective of the riding conditions. Also, it features shatter and crack resistant buckles which promise the utmost durability.
  3. The bungee cords are adjustable for length which makes them ideal for all size of luggage. The length can be stretched for big bags while at the same time it can be adjusted short for small backpacks. And doing so is very handy due to its smart design, unlike other products where you have to circle the bike several times to tighten up the luggage.
  4. These straps are made up of top quality Nylon double stitched material with high elastic properties and do not lose elasticity even after prolonged usage, unlike other products.
  5. Its fail-safe design ensures that the luggage remains intact no matter what.

Price: It is currently available only at INR 699.

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