Top bike accessories for late night riders

Night riding is quite dangerous considering that visibility drops low and it is tricky to figure out what lies ahead on the next corner. Albeit it is recommended not to go on long rides during night but sometimes it is impossible to avoid when there is some task to be done or you are simply in a mood for some fresh air.

Though night rides comprise of a number of unavoidable risks which arise due to low light, some of which are due to wild animals crossing the roads in the dark that are not purely visible, the blinding light falling from the oncoming traffic, unseen potholes and cracks on the roads, and the closure of bike repair shops which is a major concern. Since help isn’t as readily available as in the day time, sometimes you can get struck in the middle of nowhere with not many options left. So prudent motorcyclists ride with extra caution at nights. Read below all the bike accessories you may need for safer night rides.

PnP Hazard Module:

This bike accessory is a must for motorcyclists who like to go out for a quick spin. It has been engineered to light up all the indicators in a specific format which attracts attention out there on the road. It can be said as a more effective version of hazard lights which is seen in cars and premium motorcycles.  Best thing about this PnP Hazard Flasher Module is that it comes in 20 different light patterns which can be selected depending upon one’s own style and preference. Also, it is very easy to install and doesn’t involve any wire tempering hence doesn’t affect warranty of the motorcycle. Since it is waterproof and shockproof, it can survive all the harsh riding conditions motorcycles are subjected to, ensuring longevity and trouble free use

Hazard flash lights
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Mobile Holder:

The mobile holder is another safety device to not lose way during the night rides. It can easily be fixed on to the handle-bar of a motorcycle and thanks to its ‘X-grip’, the mobile sticks firmly on to the handle irrespective of the riding conditions.

After market LED support lights:

These days it is ridiculously easy to get extra after-market LED headlight support at a very affordable cost. Opt for the LED lights as they have a longer life time, consume less battery charge and are brighter than traditional halogen lamps. Extra light on the road will only keep you in the safe zone, especially when the road lights go off.

Reflective riding vests:

Apart from fitting your motorbike with aftermarket LED lights, make sure you wear reflective vests during the night ride to make yourself more visible to others. Reflective vests are a life saver as they instantly make the rider more noticeable. Reflectors don’t just have to be restricted to your jackets and pants, but you can always add the same to some parts of your luggage, boots, helmets and the motorcycle too. More reflectors you wear, more visible you become. 

Reflective Rim Tapes:

Reflective rim tapes, as the name says, are taped to the tip of the motorcycle wheel. These are very common in motorcycle aftermarket and can be bought at a very reasonable price ranging in INR 500 to INR 2,000. These tapes reflect the direct oncoming lights and hence make the motorcycle and the rider fairly more visible. It is always advisable to use reflective rim tapes if you ride more often at night.

Mini Plug Puncture Repair Kit:

For night, it recommended that you carry the basic motorcycle service kit that comes with the stock bike. This kit includes small and basic tools for minor adjustments on the bike. On the other hand, a puncture kit will make sure that your ride isn’t brought to instant halt since it is impossible to find a puncture repair shop during the night. You can always check out Grand Pitstop puncture repair kit which comes to the rescue during such rides.

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Bar-end lights:

Bar-end lights is another accessory which adds to the safety factor of a rider. These lights are added to the end points of a motorcycle handle bar and are illuminated as soon as the ignition is turned on. These bar end lights can be fitted on to any motorcycle and is a modification which cost peanuts. It is a must for every motorcyclist who prefers night riding over day riding.

If you wish to be extra cautious at night you can always carry Grandpitstop’s ‘Women Safety Alarm’ which is portable device to be carried in pocket or purse for any kind of emergency situation. The alarm can be trigger by pulling the latch out of the device, which buzzes a strong alarm 130 of dB to attract attention of the near-by people.

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