Top accessories for KTM bikes on Grandpitstop

KTM has been a game changer in the Indian motorcycle market with its presence in the country since 2012. In the period of last seven years the Austrian automaker has launched several products in India and the company has hit the bull’s eye with most of them.

Seeing the popularity of KTM products in India, Grandpitstop has come up with a number of truly function accessories for the orange brand which can be fitted on a majority of KTM bikes.

  • Luggage Rack:

If you are an avid traveler and very often find that there isn’t enough space on your KTM for fitting all the desired luggage then think no more. The Grandpitstop’s Luggage Rack for KTM is a no brainer. It comprises of a 100% lightweight aluminum tray that been designed to carry everything you need on the go. Also its intelligent design fits the under sub frame bolts very well.

  • GRoller:

GRoller is another must have accessory for your KTM if you are interested in timely chain and sprocket maintenance. GRoller has been designed to fit right into the rear tyre which helps it to rotate freely. It can easily support the weight of your KTM and is handy enough to be carried inside your bag pack. The GRoller is beneficial for timely chain maintenance, servicing, washing and cleaning of your KTM bike.

  • Radiator Guard:

KTM RC and Duke series of bikes come with liquid-cooling and hence feature a radiator grill up front. The radiator fins are not cheap to replace when damaged. The Grandpitstop’s radiator guard (as the name says) protects the radiator from everything that can damage the radiator grille.  It is build up of laser cut single piece construction (no wield) and 100% rust-free stainless steel.

It is incredibly useful for people who usually ride in a rough terrain, where chippings from the ground can damage the radiator fins. Also it protects the cooling fins from high pressure water jets during bike wash which can damage the fins.

  • Paddock Stand

None of the KTM bikes be it the Street Naked class Duke series or the Supersport RC series come with a centre stand, hence the necessity of a paddock stand comes natural. A paddock stand is very necessary for the timely chain maintenance as the rear wheel needs to be free for the chain to be properly cleaned and lubricated. Since the paddock stand lifts off the rear wheel and makes it free to move, thus chain maintenance become a child’s play with its help.

Apart from the timely service and chain maintenance, paddock stand is also used for complete washing of the motorcycle. Bike wash can never be satisfactorily completed without a paddock stand. Since this stand helps to lift-off the rear wheel which allow it to move freely, it makes the wheel cleaning very convenient.

Also since washing and cleaning involves heavy contact with the motorcycle, it can sometimes slide off even if parked on a side stand. Hence using a paddock stand is safer since the bike can be parked in a very stable manner.

  • Handgaurds for KTM:

Handgaurd is a bike accessory which apart from being useful also adds to the looks of the motorcycle. It is a protective accessory which is added on to the handlebar of the bike and it is used to cover the fist of the rider in case of a crash.  The Grandpitstop’s handgaurd also offers balance weight to minimize vibration at high speeds.

*Handgaurd for KTM is available at a price of INR 2,152.
  • Tank Grip:

Usually a tank grip is added to the performance bikes to aid the handling dynamics of the motorcycle. Tank grip (as the name says) provides grip to the rider’s body in case of extreme leaning. The rider can stick on his thighs to the either sides of the tank which increases the control when leaning down hard in a corner. The Tank Grip also provides support during riding the motorcycle at high speeds. It is quite an important performance accessory for people who usually have a rough riding style, especially the ones who love to go on occasional track days.

Grandpitstop’s Tank Grip comes tailored made for the shape of the Duke’s tank. It prevents sliding and is made up of high-quality rubber which doesn’t damage leather or textile paint. Also, it doesn’t harm the plastic or paint of the motorcycle, unlike other aftermarket tank grips.

  • Engine Frame Slider and Front Sliders:

Slider is a bike-safety accessory which reduces or minimizes the damage to the vehicle in case of a crash. It is a precautionary bike accessory which keeps the bike safe by rolling motion of the sliders. It’s highly important if you wish to save your bike from the nasty scratches from a fall.

*Engine Frame Sliders are priced at INR 2,949

* Front Sliders are priced at INR 2,249

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