Top 7 modifications to make your motorcycle stunt ready

Stunt bikes are like undead versions of their original stock models. They are destined to be crashed repeatedly without taking much damage. Also, some extreme level stunt bikes are put to such abuse which is impossible to bear if it was not for all the modifications done to them. So if you are an aspiring stunt rider, who is looking forward to modifying your stock bike into a hardcore stunt machine, then look no further as we guide you through all the modifications that you must do on your motorcycle to excel its stunting prowess.  

Crash Cage

The first and foremost modification which is extremely critical for any stunt motorcycle is the addition of a crash cage. This modification protects the bike in case of a slow speed crash. Such a cage is added surrounding the motorcycle’s engine and may be bolted directly to the chassis which adds to the rigidity of the cage. Hence, such modification is extremely important so that the bike becomes resistant to all slow speed crashes.  

Motorcycle stunts

After market exhaust and tyres-

Aftermarket exhausts are an optional upgrade but useful one especially for the stunt bikes. Such exhausts add to the overall power output figure from the engine and at the same time adds to the thrust forces to improve the overall performance of the bike. Such exhausts are lighter compared to the stock ones, and hence help when it comes to lowering down the overall mass of the bike.

Motorcycle stunts

Scooped up fuel tank

If you notice closely, all stunk bikes have their tanks scooped up or dented in a special manner. This is done to ease up stunts such as high-chair wheelies or high-chair burnouts. The tanks are dented in a special format for the rider get a good grip while sitting over the tank.

Motorcycle stunts

Additional brake lever with dedicated caliper

This is another major upgrade which is a must for stunt bikes. An additional brake lever added along the clutch not only provides complimentary brake forces but more importantly adds to the control when performing standing wheelies.

When doing so, a rider has to stand up from its position and pop the front wheel up in the air. While performing this stunt, the reach to the rear brake pedal is criticized leaving the rider unable to control the mid-air braking force which can be highly risky. Hence an extra lever is added to the handle-bar which is directly linked to the additional rear disc brake caliper.

Motorcycle stunts

Modified rear seat

Most of the stunt bikes have their rear seats modified for the riders to hook their feet in it. Some seats are sculpted by adding extra foam while others are scooped out creating a void big enough for stunt rider to get a good grip using their feet.  

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Motorcycle stunts

Lengthened Swingarm

While a long swingarm technically adds to the straight-line stability of a vehicle, stunt riders prefer lengthened swingarms in order to perform stable rolling burnouts. Such burnouts are performed on fast speeds when the bike is on the move hence modified swingarm is a must for this stunt.

Motorcycle stunts

Oversized rear sprocket

The sprocket science says that added teeth to the stock sprocket result in a better acceleration while compromising top speed and vice versa, which is a fact. Hence you will mostly find all stunt bikes with oversized rear sprockets as it is then impossible to not pop a wheelie. A big sprocket makes a bike wheelie friendly which is what stunt bikers need.

Motorcycle stunts

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