Top 10 must have everyday bike accessories for your daily commute

Everyday bike riding can take a toll on you if you do not pay attention. Everyone who rides a bike on a daily basis is subjected to many health risks such as pollution, dust, dirt and UV exposure. Make sure to give the report a quick read to know about all the basic accessories you should buy to be more comfortable and safe during your daily bike commute.


One of the simplest wearable accessories, yet very functional when it comes to everyday bike riding. Balaclava is a must-have wearable clothing accessory if you want to keep your face unaffected from daily dust, dirt, pollution and extreme sunlight. A balaclava is like a monkey cap for bikers which is used inside the helmet.  It covers your entire cheek area along with the nose, and scalp.

Tinted Visor

Majority of the new motorcycle helmets are usually offered with clear visors in stock form, but the tinted version of the same is also usually available in the market. Tinted visors are only recommended for daylight usage as it protects the eyes and face of the rider from extreme sunlight and UV exposure. It is also recommended that only lightly tinted visors should be used as heavy tint may cause visual disruption during the night time.

Arms Sleeves

Available easily on the common e-commerce sites, such sleeves help the rider protect its arms from the direct sunlight and pollution. It is again a must-have clothing accessory if you ride a motorcycle on the daily basis, and aren’t used to wearing riding jackets or full sleeves t-shirts. Such sleeves are very handy to use as they can be easily folded in even puny backpack spaces.

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Flasher lights

Highly effective both during the day and the night riding time, flasher lights are a life saver as it makes the rider more visible to other vehicles sharing the same road space. Flasher lights are easy to install and use. Also, such lights can be used in a variety of blinking pattern as per one’s own liking. Check out the ‘PnP Hazard Module Blinker’ available on!

Bike accessories
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Pollution Mask

After heat and sunlight, the most common enemy of a motorcycle rider is the pollution. Common balaclavas may stop dirt and dust, but they are quite ineffective against the deadly polluting gases continuously forced out of vehicles’ exhaust chamber. Some pollution masks available today are easy to wear and can be contoured inside a helmet without any fuzz. So it’s always recommended to use a pollution mask while riding a motorcycle.

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Shifter Sock

Gear shifting levers are infamous for disfiguring everyday boots, and a shifter sock prevents the same from happening. Naked levers can leave marks on shoes and boots on daily usage, while a socked lever is far softer on shoes. It also prevents leaving any stain or grease marks that the naked gear shifting lever might have been subjected to while chain or sprocket lubrication.

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Handlebar end Blinkers

The more visible you stay on the road, the safer you are and handlebar end blinkers help you getting noticed with the cool looking lights bolted on to the end of the motorcycle’s handlebar. These lights are directly linked to the direction indicators, which mean that they blink accordingly when you use indicators. They can be bought very easily on any of the e-commerce sites at a nominal price tag.

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Safety Riding Gears

It doesn’t matter if you ride a bike for 5mins or 5 hours in a go, it is always recommended to ride fully kitted with the best possible safety gears such as a certified helmet, gloves, riding jacket, and riding boots. Basic riding gears help you protect from any unplanned circumstances on the daily roads. And as experts say it, ‘Dress for the crash, not for the ride’.

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A windshield protects the bike rider from the windblast or wind buffeting which is experienced above a certain speed limit.  Some bikes (generally cruisers) are offered with windshields as a standard accessory in their stock form while others can always be fitted with the same as an aftermarket accessory. Check in the local motorcycle market if your bike can be fitted with a windshield or else you can always get one personally customized from your local mechanic.  

Bike accessories

Mobile Holder

A mobile holder (as the name says) holds the mobile phone in place. Such a holder can be bolted on to the motorcycle handlebar, and it is generally used for navigation purposes. Check out the mobile holder options available on 

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