Top ways to make your motorcycle faster – Part 2

In the previous post we brought to you various steps or modifications which you can introduce to your bike to make it go faster, but that was not all. So we write below the remaining steps that you need to follow to unleash the true racing potential of your motorcycle.

  1. Use race grade engine oil –

Engine oils can either make the game or break it. And this is the reason why there are strict instructions for the racing team to use specific grade of oils in their racing vehicles. Different oils perform differently depending up on their composition and properties. Racing grade engine oils are generally engineered to perform at very high engine temperatures where other oils can simply not deliver the out straight performance which is required during those times.  

  • Get your suspension tuned –

The stock suspension setup on any road bike is tuned specifically for daily roads, which means it is usually on the softer side to provide comfort, but it might not be the best setup for racing purposes. Softer suspension result in vague handling, on the other hand, race tuned suspensions are generally stiffer which complements the handling prowess of any machine. So if you know any credible mechanic who has a decent experience on tuning suspensions you should definitely give it a try.

  • Upgrade brake disc pads –

Efficient braking is critically important for a race bike, why so? Because it is important to brake as late as possible when taking a curve, and that saves time. Because if you have credible brakes your lap time record on any track will only be better as your braking distance will be less. Disc brake pads are generally cheap to buy, but make sure it is bought only from trusted sources or else it do more harm to the braking than good.

  • Get a quick-shifter –

Quick shifter is another racing tech which allows the motorcycle to continuously up shift in the higher gear without pulling the clutch or de-throttling the gas. Which meaning you can fully pin-down the throttle, and shift-up without having to touch the clutch or altering throttle.

  • Drop you body weight –

Previously we explained the significance of power to weight ratio, but just dropping off your motorcycle’s weight will not be all. If you’ve ever noticed, motorcycle racers are generally very slim and thin. That’s because they are put through a tough regime which helps them maintain a very low body weight since power to weight ratio also takes into account your own body weight along with curb weight of the motorcycle.

This might certainly be the toughest step to follow, but this will also improve your overall health and ultimately your riding skills.  At the same time, make sure you don’t race on the public roads and always wear proper safety gears before riding.

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