Three must have bike safety equipment for long trips

Bike trips bring along a different kind of serene experience which is hard to put together in words. Some compare touring on a motorcycle with meditation and now it has also been scientifically proven that motorcycling helps up-lift mood and eradicates negative thoughts. While riding a bike or touring on it definitely is healthy for emotional and physical health, but it also brings along some unseen risks which are needed to be addressed and dealt with.

So in the report below we highlight some risks of touring on a motorcycle and also point out things which you need to carry along in order to keep yourself safe throughout the ride.

  • Risks related to luggage –

Unlike cars, motorcycles can’t carry all the luggage you need on a journey because the luggage carrying capacity of a motorbike is very limited in comparison to cars. There are some modifications which you can carry out on a motorbike in order to make your bike touring ready, such as saddle frames and bags but majority of those modifications cost too much and are sometime time consuming. The other simple and effective way around is to tie the luggage at the rear seat using luggage straps but not all the straps available in the market today are sturdy, safe and secure for rough usage. So what’s the solution?

Buy Grandpitstop’s proven Luggage Straps:

These luggage straps have been designed keeping three parameters in mind – Safety, Performance and Durability. While other straps present in the market today come with metal hooks which are unstable and may damage motorcycle paint surface, GPS’ Luggage Straps come with a snap hook safety feature which keeps the luggage intact and hooked on to the motorcycle even in the case of rough riding conditions. Also, it features shatter and crack resistant buckles which promise the utmost durability. The bungee cords are adjustable for length which makes them ideal for all size of luggage. The length can be stretched for big bags while at the same time it can be adjusted short for small backpacks. And doing so is very handy due to its smart design, unlike other products where you have to circle the bike several times to tighten up the luggage. These straps are made up of top quality Nylon double stitched material with high elastic properties and do not lose elasticity even after prolonged usage, unlike other products. Its fail-safe design ensures that the luggage remains intact no matter what.

Buy it today only from at INR 699.

  • Losing the directions:

Since during riding both the hands are pretty occupied, and it isn’t feasible to stop at each and every turn to pull out the phone for directions. So if you do not have the right equipment kit to keep your GPS device handy over the bike, it’s pretty easy to lose the sense of direction. So it is always recommended to mount your phone using a mobile mounting device which is firm enough to hold your device even when the roads get rough or you are zipping through other vehicles in high velocity.

Buy Grandpitstop’s Claw-Grip Mobile Holder Mount with Charger:

This device has been developed taking close inputs from the biking community to take care of all the concerns related to mobile/GPS devices during a ride. The Claw-Grip Mobile Holder has been designed to mount all mobile devices ranging from 4.0 to 6.5-inches in size, and also has a 360 degree rotation for limit free usage. The best part about this device is that it also comes with a phone charging functionality which allows the mobile devices to be charged on the go.

  • Other Safety Concerns:

Apart from the regular predictable safety issues mentioned above, there are several other unforeseen concerns which especially involve women travelers. For the same Grandpitstop has developed a device known as Women Safety Alarm. This device works as soon as the latch is pulled which raises a strong 130dB alarm, alerting all nearby people. It is available at a very minimal cost of Rs 749 on

Buy Grandpitstop’s Women Safety Alarm here!

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