Things not to miss out at 2019 India Bike week

Only a few weeks from now and one of the most happening motorcycle festivals of the country, India Bike Week, will be back again in its full glory. For the uninitiated, the IBW festival celebrates the spirit of the biking community where motorcyclists from not just around the country but globe come together as one. For this year, the festival is going to happen on 6th and 7th of December, in Goa, which has been hosting this festival ever since it came into existence. But unlike the previous years, there will be a couple of new things, to keep the spirit of this festival alive. In the article below we have gathered a slew of things which you shouldn’t miss if you are planning to visit the festival this year.

Indian Bike Week

The music concerts:

Among the few other things which keep this event going on, music concerts certainly are the top crop. This festival gets as loud as possible, and there is absolutely nothing stopping it. Like every year, this year too, IBW will witness the performances of a number of rock bands and DJs which will truly make the experience worth it. And by the way, any event in Goa, be it motorbikes or not, is incomplete if it’s not for the music. So if in any case, you have plans to attend the 2019 IBW, make sure to stick around till it gets dark, because that’s when the fun begins.

Indian Bike Week

Dirt track races:

What’s a motorcycle event without races, be it on the dirt or track. IBW is famous for hosting dirt track races where anybody is welcome to compete in provided they have a motorcycle which can withstand the abuse from the dirt. The race usually happens in an open dirt track.

Old school hot-rods:

Events like the IBW bring an opportunity to the motorcycle enthusiasts who like restoring old motorcycle and breathing fire into the old school beauties. So if you are trundling around at the IBW, expect to see a host of old school beauties which you will only get to see in the motorcycle museums.

India Bike Week

Custom bike building championships:

Like every year, this year too, the IBW’s main centre of attraction will be the custom bike building championships where some of the most reputed custom houses from around the country get to face-off each other.

Indian Bike Week

Biking groups from around the country:

India Bike Week isn’t just another festival for bikers, but it’s an emotion. Hundreds of biking groups from around the country happen to ride over thousands of kilometres just to gather here and celebrate the spirit of motorcycling. Majorly, bike groups from Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai plan their ride to the IBW. Apart from music, and exquisite bikes, these groups are the soul of the festival and without them, IBW is just another bike festival.

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New exclusive displays from OEMs:

Events like the IBW bring a great opportunity for the bike makers to display or launch their latest products. If you recollect, major brands including Royal Enfield, Ducati and KTM has launched their several hot products at the IBW. Even this year, KTM is gearing up to display its 2020 Super Duke R officially in India for the very first time at this event. The Super Duke R, as the name says, is the flagship bike from KTM. Since KTM has already established a cult in the Indian market with its products like 200,390 Duke and RC bikes, it will indeed prove to be a golden opportunity for the orange bike maker to gather feedback on the same and decide its future strategy.

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