Problems faced by motorcycles without a center stand

Unlike traditional motorcycles and scooters, modern bikes sometimes do not include a centre-stand. For example, even the mass market performance brand such as KTM does not fit its motorcycles with a centre-stand. So the question is why isn’t it included in the first place?

The answer to this question varies from model to model. Supersport bikes generally have lower than average ground clearance, also the manufacturers have to keep the stock weight of the motorcycle as minimal as possible. These are certain factors which are kept in mind before including the centre-stand in a motorcycle’s standard fitment. At the same time when designing an adventure tourer, the manufacturers aren’t really held back by the weight or ground clearance restrictions as both are in abundance, hence almost all of these bikes generally come with a centre-stand.

With the Indian motorcycle market catching up fast with the international market, most of the premium motorcycles present today do not have the liberty of a centre-stand. Things can turn out to be pretty difficult for you if your motorcycle does not have a centre-stand and if you are a kind of person who likes to do basic timely service checks on your own.   

Chain maintenance becomes a herculean task-

All motorcycles generally need chain maintenance and sprocket care every 600 to 700kms. And it becomes nearly impossible to clean or lubricate the chainset if the bike doesn’t feature a centre-stand. Since the rear wheel has to be lifted in order to freely move the chain back and forth, a centre-stand or a paddock stand is a must for chain maintenance.

Motorcycle cleaning will neer be complete-

You need to freely rotate the rear wheel for complete cleaning and a centre-stand is a must in order to do the same as it’s not necessary that you’ll always have a helping hand at disposal. The rear wheel needs to rotate freely for everything including cleaning or alloy wheel polishing.   

Basic motorcycle service-

A centre-stand or a paddock stand is the first service tool for any motorcycle big or small. The bike needs to be parked in a centrally mounted position for things related to basic servicing, it can be as small as changing oil or as complicated as bolting the frame. Anything or everything, a motorcycle service is nearly impossible without a centre-stand or a paddock stand.  

What’s the solution? Grand Pitstop has the perfect solution for bikes without a centre-stand. The GRoller (Paddock Stand Replacement) is an easy to use tool that can be placed under the bike’s rear tyre allowing it to rotate freely. It is a very dynamic tool which fits bikes and scooters of all sizes, and its compact size allows for handy use. Also, Grand Pitstop’s rear paddock stand is built to last years and is constructed from heavy-duty steel which supports bikes all sizes and weight. It features twin interchangeable attachments for spooled and non-spooled wheels, making it a great fit on all kind of bikes. 

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