Motorcycle Tyres vs Car Tyres – All differences explained

Tyres come in all shapes and sizes, while differences between car and bike tyres are huge, there are some similarities too. Talking of which, tyres are the only points of contact of a vehicle with the ground, so it is highly important to take care of the tyres and keep a check on a regular basis. While timely check and maintenance of tyres are important for both cars and bikes, it is slightly more important when the latter is concerned; reasons? That is what the below report focuses on!

There is a contrasting difference in both bike and car tyres. The car tyres have a different design compared to bike’s, they are flat and do not have a sidewall that bends towards the rim end. On the other hand, motorcycle tyres are generally round in shape and there is a whole lot of bike steering physics that goes behind this design in a motorcycle tyre.

Tyres irrespective of the vehicles are generally designed to make the car/bike accelerate using the engine’s mechanical force to run forward with the use of friction from the ground. Also, at the same time, you need the same friction forces between the tyres and the surface to make your vehicle stop. So no matter how good your brakes are, your tyres should also be of good quality for safe braking.

If you paid attention, you have understood the purpose of a car’s tyre in the above paragraph, but motorcycle tyres are a bit trickier when compared to car’s.

motorcycle tyre and car tyre

Understanding the round shape of a motorcycle tyre

The motorcycle tyre’s round shape is there for a reason. All bikes, irrespective of the displacement/engine size turn in a corner using tyre’s side walls and the majority of the grip in a corner comes in from the same patch. A car uses around 90% of its tyre surface while turning, a bike uses only 40% that too largely depends on the degree of lean angle, speed, and road banking.

Also, the bike’s front tyre provides the majority of the grip during a turn compared to the rear tyre. On the other hand, all tyres of a car provide a similar grip and feedback in ideal condition.

motorcycle tyre and car tyre

Motorcycles are very sensitive towards the tyres you use on them. Most riders complain that their bikes handle differently even when they repeated the same brand of tyres on their bikes. The feel from the front-end is usually different as soon as you slap on a brand new tyre. And that is largely due to new grip levels, fresh and deeper tread design and shape of a new tyre. While talking to car drivers, they wouldn’t have much to say on the same.

motorcycle tyre and car tyre

Talk about tyre cleaning, and you would hardly find a motorcyclist using anything but soap and brush to clean the tyres. And if there is somebody who has just started riding and used tyre polish on the side walls. He is about to learn the lesson of his life. Tyre polish is strictly meant only for cars, as they have four touchpoints on the ground for balancing and it has nothing to do with their profile. On the other hand, use the same polish on your bike tyres, and you will meet your creator soon.

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motorcycle tyre and car tyre
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