Modifications to make your bike luggage friendly on long trips – Part 1

Riding season is banging hard on the doors, and maybe by this time, you must have already finished a trip or two for the year. Long trips on a bike are surely fun until you have to do the tedious job of planning what to take and what not to take on the journey. Luggage is restraint in ‘Capitals’ when it comes to motorcycles, and there is not much that can be carried, especially when compared to the cars where you can fit in almost anything you like. But on the flip side, you have to choose very carefully about what you do absolutely need, and what you don’t.

Bike luggage

If you have been riding from quite some time now and have significant road-trip experience under the belt then you would now be wise enough to know – smart packing and the right use of luggage tools can hike up the capacity of your two-wheeler drastically. At the same time if you are a rookie bike-traveller, who is planning one of the initial trips of his life then you need to strictly follow the luggage accessory advice this report is going to bestow you with.

Get a rear rack

Starting off with the basics, a rear rack on a motorcycle is an absolutely necessary accessory if you usually have a heavy bag that just won’t fit on the rear seat of the bike. The rear rack is credible enough to carry medium to heavy weight and at the same time saves space on the rear seat if you are carrying along with a pillion. The rack usually gets bolted on to the subframe on the bike which maintains a firm grip and uses frame’s rigidity for the support.  

Motorcycle Saddle Bags

The motorcycle saddle bags aren’t your every day touring bags and you will be doomed if you think your average travelling bags can come anywhere near to the functionality of these bags. To start off with, these bags have been specifically designed to fit right on to the rear seat or the rear-rack of your motorcycle. Their fail-safe design makes them perfect for all riding conditions. They are usually waterproof and come with a number of pockets here and there to access all your highway-side necessities quickly.

Luggage Straps

Luggage straps are the final piece of the puzzle. These straps keep your luggage intact and have been designing to function even in the most rugged riding conditions. There are a large number of similar products present in the market today. But not all of them are properly tested and developed for the rugged and tough use.

Other straps present in the market today are offered with metal hooks which are unstable and may scratch motorcycle paint surface, on the other hand, Grandpitstop’s specially designed luggage chords come with a snap hook safety feature which keeps the luggage intact and hooked on to the motorcycle even in extreme conditions. Also, it features shatter and crack resistant buckles which promise the utmost durability.

These bungee cords are adjustable for length which makes them ideal for all size of luggage. The length can be stretched for big bags while at the same time it can be adjusted short for small backpacks. And doing so is very handy due to its smart design, unlike other products where you have to circle the bike several times to tighten up the luggage.

Additional Tip: Keep the Grandpitstop’s universal puncture repair kit for trouble-free highway trips.

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