Importance of microfiber cloths in the bike and car cleaning!

If you are an auto enthusiast then chances are that you love cleaning your ride everytime you get a chance to do it. If you don’t use a microfiber cloth to do the same then this article is just for you and even if you already do, stick around because we are going to discuss what difference does a microfiber cleaning cloth makes compared to the regular cleaning towels. So read on to know if hype around these clothes is truly worth it or not?

What is a microfiber cloth?

It gets its name from microfiber which is a polyester and nylon fiber used in the making of fabric. When a number of microfibers are woven together into form of a fabric creating a net-like surface, they make for a cloth good enough to stick and trap dust, moisture and other such particles. But what’s interesting to note is that nylon or polyamide in the microfiber comes with an embedded positive charge force. This might sound bizarre but during the production and manufacturing process the makers use a chemical process for splitting microfibers and creating positive charge force. Thus the charge created attracts dirt, dust and debris which has a negative charge to it, making it more effective during cleaning procedures.

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What makes it so functional?

The efficiency of a microfiber cloth lies in its structure. As the name suggests, such cloth basically consists of microfibers which is about one-sixteenth the thickness of a human hair. Hence, the typical ratios of fibers are far more comparing to the more usual cleaning clothes. Hence making it far more functional when it comes to deep cleaning or picking up microscopic dust or dirt. Also, such cloth is capable of absorbing even more than eight times of its weight in liquid which is much greater in comparison to the regular cleaning materials. While its nylon structure helps the cloth to absorb and dry off at much faster rates, making it four times more effective compared to traditional clothes.

When it comes to car or bike cleaning, microfiber cloth is used widely by everyone in the business because there is no other cleaning cloth that even comes close to its functional capabilities. To start with, a microfiber cloth uses much less water to fully clean the same surface as compared to traditional methods, and also the fact a single piece can survive up to more than 600 car/bike washes proves its economical point of view. But that’s not just it, the automakers have been relying on microfibers not such because it’s economical but it also provides much better results when it comes to detail cleaning.

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Traditional clothes tend to leave permanent scratch or swirl marks whenever the surface is dry cleaned or dusted, on the flip side, a microfiber cloth doesn’t leave behind lint or scarred surfaces, making them ideal cleaning companion for while working on glass, mirrors and of course your beloved bikes.

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