How to prepare your motorcycle for the rainy days

It’s almost July, and weather gods will soon bestow their momentarily blessings in the form of seasonal rains which shall begin within the next few weeks. Old folks say that if you haven’t enjoyed riding a motorcycle in the rains, then you haven’t ridden at all. But at the same time, you should also make sure that your motorcycle is ready for this season. So in the report below we take you through a swift tour of the preparations that you must do to ensure your motorcycle stays out of trouble in the wet weather.

  • Check electricals –

The first and the most important check to do is the electrical check on your motorcycle. Well, this isn’t something you can carry out at your home so make sure to give your local authorized service center a visit, and get your bike’s wiring and electrical checked before the rainy season begins.

  • Get a water proof bike cover –

A water proof motorcycle cover is a must if you really care about your bike. Most of the low grade bike covers available in the market today do not provide any protection against the rains so they are technically ineffective when it pours heavily. On the other hand, a waterproof cover will provide 100% protection which you can rely on.

  • Get your tyres checked –

Another highly important preventive measure to take is to make sure that your tyres are in good conditions and have enough grip/tread levels left. Old tyres which need replacement generally have dangerous low grip levels and tend to slip and slide even on minimal application of brakes. So make sure you get your tyres replaced before the rainy season knocks on the doors. Also, if you wish for the best grip levels on the wet roads, look for wet grip tyres. Such tyres are made with specific tread patterns which provides uncompromised grip irrespective of the road conditions.

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  • Choose the right rain gear –

The right gear will not only protect you in case of a mishap, but will also protect you from getting your clothing flooded when you choose to ride in the rain. All major bike gear brands make waterproof gears, but there are certain brand which specialize in them. So make sure to kit yourself properly when you decide to hit the streets when it is pouring heavily.    

  • Protect your motorcycle paint –

Water/moisture is an enemy of the metal surface. So make sure you give your motorcycle a protective treatment with a film of wax or paint sealant before the rains officially commence. The paint sealant acts as a protective covering for the surface. During the application, make sure a bonding agent is mixed with the sealant and the ratio of the solution should strictly be 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. Application should be done in a circular motion on one paint section at a time. When the texture is changed, rub the surface with a towel or micro fiber cloth in the similar circular motion.

  • Treat rust and cracks in advance –

The structural integrity of a metal surface is compromised as soon as the rust starts developing on it. At the same time, if the surface is prone to more moisture, the surface starts becoming weaker day by day. If this isn’t treated on time, it may end up weakening the motorcycle’s frame, disc plates and more such vital components.

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