How to prepare your bike for the summer heat

Summer has started on its full swing, and the rise in temperature is breaking new records like every year. This is definitely not an ideal environment for the living beings, and at the same time it also makes things harder for your beloved motorcycle. So in the report below we list down a number of tips and tricks that you must follow in order to make your bike summer ready.

  • Coolant change:

The first step in making your bike summer ready should definitely be replacing the old coolant with the fresh one. What coolant necessarily does is it plays a critical part in cooling the engine down. But if it is more than 2-2.5 years old, it definitely needs to be changed. As longer the coolant stays inside the system, less effective it tends to become, and hence less cooling.

The high temperature outside adversely affects the functioning of the engine, and hence make sure your coolant is replaced before the summer hits in its full ferocity.

  • Brake pad replacement:

Brakes tend to fade away very fast if you generally ride in hotter temperatures. So give your brake pads and disc plates a check. And replace it if necessary. On the other hand, if you carry on with the same old pads it might also ruin the disc plate by scratching the plate surface.  And mind you, disc plates on modern bikes are not very cheap to be replaced. So be wise, and keep a check on brake pads life.

  • Tyre life/pressure check:

Like brakes, even tyres tend to fade away rather easily during higher temperatures. So check the tyres life thoroughly, and make sure there are no punctures or cuts onto the tyre surface. Another point to be noted here is that always keep the tyre pressure one or two units lower than recommended in hot summer days. The reason being, air tends to expand in higher temperatures, which is the main reason for more flat tyres/tyre blasts during summers compared to the winters when air contracts during low temperatures. So always keep a check on the tyres life, and air pressure inside the tyres.

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  • Radiator check:

 Not all motorcycles are equipped with water cooling/radiators, but the ones that do need special care. Radiator is situated at the front of the motorcycle ahead of the engine chamber. It packs a radiator grille, fan, and coolant hoses. All the elements of this cooling system need to be checked or dysfunctionality of this cooling system may adversely affect the engine performance. Make sure there is enough coolant in the system all the time, radiator fins are in the right shape, and the fan is functional.

  • Battery check:

Motorcycle batteries are not different compared to regular the batteries as they function by the same rule. The higher the ambient temperature is more charge the batteries tend to lose even in their dysfunctional state. So make sure to check the current charge/life of the battery, and if you are not riding the motorcycle too often, then simply disconnect it from the system. This will cut away the battery from the circuit and hence charge will be lost at a much slower pace.

Chain lube and Cleaning

Additional tip: Always keep your motorcycle parked under shed away from the direct sunlight. It will help maintaining its paint and plastic panels’ life. Direct sun light also makes the fuel evaporate under the tank which creates pressure. So it is advisable to keep the bike under covers or a proper shed especially during summers.

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