How to prepare for the Leh-Ladakh trip on a bike – Part 1

Leh-Ladakh is considered the Mecca for bikers and why not? It has the highest motorable road in the world and comprise of epic sceneries with unparalleled beauty. This is the reason why motorists not just from India but around the globe have this road trip in their bucket-list. So if you are planning for this road this riding season, then make sure you scroll through the below report thoroughly. And we will take you through everything necessary you need to plan out for the once in a lift time Leh-Ladakh motorcycle trip.

First thing you must make sure of is to find the right company for this tour. It is advisable that you do not embark on this journey alone as the terrain gets much challenging as you progress further into the hills. And it is always recommended that you have a crew of at least three to four riders who you can take along as a support.

When you’ve figured out who your riding partners will be, it’s time to find out the right motorcycle for the trip. If you have anything which can take on the rough terrain with ease then it is probably a good idea to ride such a bike on this trip. On the flip side, if your bike doesn’t have a bare minimum ground clearance of 150mm, or its engine isn’t in the best condition, then it probably isn’t the machine for such a challenging trip.

Slap on your bike with some off road tyres if you have the budget, check on the battery life, and give the engine a splash of fresh engine oil. Also, other things to check on the motorcycle include the braking, and suspensions oil leakage, if any. Because you probably wouldn’t want your motorcycle to give up on you right in the middle of nowhere. So it’s always better to keep you bike in the fittest form for such a journey which tests the limits of the machines along with the rider.

General modifications:

The stock motorcycle isn’t going to be enough for the trip as you will need a number of aftermarket accessories to make your journey a tad less challenging.

Read below to find out some of the bike accessories you need on your trip to the Leh-Ladakh.

  • Puncture Repair Kit along with Tyre inflator:

The highway to Leh isn’t just considered risky because of the high mountain peaks, or the serpentine roads that lead to nowhere. But also the absence of human population on several stretches only makes it worse. And the last thing you will probably want is a puncture when you know there is absolutely nobody that can help you till at least next 50 odd kilometers.

So make sure that you carry the Grandpitstop’s universal puncture repair kit and tyre inflator which will act as an insurance if you hit an unlucky nail stuck on the road.

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  • Gel pad seats:

Spending long time on the saddle can prove to be tough on your back. Gel pad seats are available in the market easily. They provide an extra cushion which enhances the saddle comfort; as a result you can ride for longer hours and spend a little more time on the road. It is a must have accessory for long bike rides.

  • Mobile Holder device:

Another must have accessory is the mobile holder device and it’s not hard to figure out why. You can always keep you smartphone device fixed on to the handlebar of the bike, and there is no need to unzip your bag or put your hand in the pocket to reach out for it. Grandpitstop’s mobile holder offers X-patten grip which keeps the device safe even on the jerks and undulations. Since it is always recommended to use location services in order to not lose the way, the mobile holder device comes to the rescue in those situations.

  • Face Mask:

The stretch especially in the extreme of the hills isn’t fully tarmac. It comprises of broken, rough patches which is always dusty, vehicles or no vehicles. So in order to keep you face protected and free from the dust and pollutants, always carry the facemask along.

anti pollution mask

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Also, it goes without saying that you must always wear your protection gears such as helmet, riding jacket, riding pants, gloves and riding shoes. Protective riding gears will save you in case of a mishap.

What to carry along on the trip?

Make sure you keep yourself hydrated and carry enough water and quick munches to keep the energy-level high. Also, dress in a layered manner so that you can adjust the layering when the temperature alters with the change in terrain.

Some people may experience nausea and headache as the altitude rises, to keep yourself prepared for the same, consult a local doctor and keep the medicines handy if in any case you experience the mountain sickness.

Another critical point to note is that your local network service provider may not be functional in some areas of the hills. So do a proper research and planning before hitting the road, and keep yourself ready to go out of network reach in the deep hills.

Stay tuned as in the next chapter we explain to you what are the best possible routes and midway stops when you are en route Leh-Ladakh. Also we explain the best techniques to hook all your important luggage on the bike. Read it here!

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