How to make your motorcycle more comfortable

Some motorcycles (mainly cruisers) are naturally comfortable. They generally have a saddle wide enough to accommodate riders of all sizes, and come with beach styled handler bar which complements their laid-back riding position. On the other hand, daily commuting naked bikes, or sports bikes may not be as comfortable because they are built for a totally different purpose.

So what needs to be done to make an everyday bike comfortable enough even for longer highway rides? Read on to know how to comfort tune your bike.   

  • Get a custom saddle:

Generally stock bikes come with a type of saddle which universally fits on all type of riders, so it might not be very specifically designed to support your body type in a way a custom saddle would do. A custom saddle designer would measure you body and craft a saddle which would provide all round support and also you will have the option to choose the foam thickness to increase or decrease the saddle height depending upon your reach to the ground. So if you think you seat isn’t comfortable enough, there is always room for improvement with an option to get it customized as per your need.   

  • Get your suspension tuned:

Suspension plays a very important part on handling and comfort of a motorcycle. If the suspension is on the stiffer side, it would aid to the better handling of the bike by provide good feedback from the ground but at the same time it would be very harsh, and uncomfortable as it directly transfer jerks from ground to the body of the rider. On the other hand, a suspension too squishy would surely be comfortable but handling dynamics would be at stake. So it’s better to adjust the suspension settings as per your body weight and riding style.

  • Get a windscreen:

Another comfort accessory you may go for is an aftermarket windscreen. The stock windscreens may not be very successful in deflecting winds at high-speeds, and automakers go with smaller stock screens as bigger ones do not go along well with the design aesthetics of a motorbike. But if your preference is comfort over looks, it’s always best to get an aftermarket windscreen which will definitely help you with better wind protection on highway speeds. Also, making the bike more aerodynamic, it may help with a better top speed depending upon the design.

  • Get a new handle-bar:

If your stock handle-bar is too low slung, and harder to reach, replace it will a slightly pulled back one which isn’t too demanding to grab. This will definitely add to the overall comfort of the bike by making the overall riding position more natural – easing out the pressure points on the wrist and the back.  

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  • Get higher-profiled tyres

Tyres are the only point of contact of the vehicle with the ground. And they are first to act as a natural suspension even before suspension rods come into play. Higher the profile of a tyre is, more is its tendency to absorb impacts. Generally all touring tyres are high-profiled because it makes them resistant to smaller impacts and it also add to the suspension ability of the tyre itself.  Hence, try to go for higher-profiled touring tyres as they are designed for comfort and longer life.

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  • Get a gel pad seat cover:

One more addition you can do in your quest for greater comfort is a gel pad seat cover. Such seat covers are a must if you are willing to spend long hours on your motorcycle saddle. They work by distributing the weight forces equally throughout the area and hence are very comfortable even on longer rides.

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