How to make your bike tyres last longer?

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle when it comes to safety. Substandard quality of tyres can land you into emergency situations which can even turn highly dangerous if you are running out of luck. In fact tyres are the only parts of your bike or car that touches the road surface and bears all the forces that pushes the vehicle forward or brings it to halt. So in the report below we explain different measures and maintenance steps you must follow to ensure a greater tyre life.

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There are different quality of tyres available in the market today from sport usage to track or touring, different sets of tyres serve different purpose and hence their life also depends on the purpose they are built for. For example, a sport class tyre will last only for say 6000 kms to 7000 kms, while a touring or a street tyre might last as long as 12,000 kms to 15,000 kms. But as long as you take care and maintain the tyres of your vehicle you can extend its life by as much as 20 per cent.

Always go for well-known tyre brands –

Whenever you are out there to purchase a new set of tyres make sure you go for more well known brands rather than cheap products. Tyres from a known manufacturer will surely put down more miles compared to the other products which have been designed only keeping the final costs in mind. Also, if you are making the purchase solely based up on miles the tyre can cover, then it’s always recommended that you opt for touring tyres which are designed to last longer. But on the flip side, you might have to trade grip and agility which might not be as sharp in the touring tyres.

Always keep an eye on the tyre pressure –

The most important advice an experience rider/driver will give you regarding tyres is to keep a regular check on the tyre pressure. The reason why is because a poorly inflated tyre will worn out much faster than a tyre which is inflated to the recommended pressure. Also, the former condition can led to cracks on the surface which is a severe damage to your tyres.

Another important point which should be noted down is that tyres should only be inflated to the recommended pressure which is always provided by the manufacturers, if the pressure remains constantly low not only does it affect the tyre but also increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle.  

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Also, you can read on some debatable posts which say that tyre pressure should be altered with the changing weather condition, which is right. In summers the pressure should be generally kept one or two units below the recommended point. The reason being, rising temperature makes the in-tyre air to expand which is the reason why more tyres are busted during summer time compared to the winters. On the contrary, it is advisable to keep the pressure up by one or two units during the winter’s time as gases and rubber tend to contract in low temperature.

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Keep a regular check for cracks and punctures –

Tyres should be regularly checked for any damage be it cracks or punctures. The reason being, if the damage is not repaired on time it might get more severe with the usage, and tyre may ultimately get destroyed even much before the time. For example, an untreated puncture may get widen with the time and severely damage the tyre on a long basis. Such tyres also tend to lose their properties which keeps the bike stable, and hence you may also feel that the bike is wobbling and is unstable even on the straight lines.

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Longer runs consume more tyre life –

What it basically means is that the further you ride in a single go, the hotter your tyres become and hence they worn out at a much faster pace than regular. For example if you ride for 100 kms in a single go compared to the other 100 kms while taking three mid way stops where you allow the bike and the tyres to cool down before starting over again, in such scenario the tyres will worn out faster in the first case. So always allow the bike and tyres to cool down whenever you are heading on a long ride.

Get your wheel balancing done right –

Make sure that the vehicle you drive has gone through a recent wheel balancing session, as unbalanced wheels may result in premature worn out of tyre treads which degrades the overall tyre life.

Do not mismatch tyres –

While it may seem cost effective to replace a single tyre at the place of two, it is always recommended that you change both the rear and the front tyres together and it should be of the same make. The reason being, mismatching tyres or brands may result in faster tyre degradation and might also severely affect the riding behavior of the vehicle.  

Know when to change the tyres –

Since safety and tyres go hand in hand, it is advisable to be aware of the time to change the tyres. Keep a close look at the treads, you can also go for penny test to check out the depth of the tyre treads.

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