How to keep the motorcycle paint shining for years

Generally new age motorcycles are given expensive paint treatments which keep their surface lustrous for a long time. But it doesn’t really matter how expensive the paint job is, if it is not properly looked after on a timely basis. Even new bikes can turn old in terms of exteriors if they are ignored and their paint can lose luster in no more than a few years.

So follow the steps that we have recommended in the report below to keep your motorcycle shining for as long as you want.

  • Timely wash:

Timely wash ensures that your bike stays clean and free from all the dirt and muck which sticks on to the corners of the bike. This dirt is responsible for starting active corrosion which destroys the paint surface even before it comes into your knowledge. So it is always recommended that you give your ride a timely wash.

Another point to be noted here is that, do not over wash you ride. The more the metal is prone to moisture, the more are its chances of getting rusted. So timely wash should only be carried out twice or thrice a month, and not more than that. Also make sure that washing with hard water should be avoided at all costs, as it leads to corrosion and paint quality depletion.  

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  • Parking under a shed:

Avoid parking the motorcycle under the direct sunlight, the reason because sunlight is a direct enemy of the paint which tends to fade away when bike is parked under sunlight for a prolonged time period. When the sunlight directly comes in contact of the paint surface, it splits up bonds between the paint molecules resulting in fading of the paint. On the other hand, it is equally harmful for the plastic panels of the bike, as these panel (when absorb heat for a longer time) tend to become brittle and may break easily on a fall.  Sunlight is also responsible for heating up of the fuel in the parked motorcycle, which may create excessive pressure under the fuel tank due to fuel evaporation.

  • Use of microfiber cloth:

It is very important that bike washing or cleaning should be carried out only using a microfiber cloth. This cloth is made especially for deep cleaning purposes. Such clothes are made up of more fibers compared to regular clothes, and hence attract more dirt particles than any other cloth used for cleaning purposes. Also they do not leave any scratch marks and are hence best suited for motorcycle cleaning.


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  • Avoid writing on the paint surface:

Make sure you do not put rub finger marks on the bike especially when it is in an untidy state. The finger points act like a sandpaper when it is rubbed against the paint surface which isn’t clean. The dust and dirt on the paint surface leaves scratch marks which are very tough to be removed afterwards. So always avoid writing on the metal/paint surface.

  • Paint Sealent usage:

Paint sealent acts as a protective covering for the surface. It should be applied only once or twice an year. Make sure a bonding agent is mixed with the sealant and the ratio of the solution should strictly be 1 tablespoon of the agent in ½ cup of sealant. It should be applied in a circular motion on one paint section at a time. When the texture is changed, rub the surface with a towel or micro fiber cloth in the similar circular motion. This process will increase the life of your bike’s paint for sure.

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