How to increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle in 7 easy steps –

This is one of the most common concerns of anybody who rides a motorcycle. While some with fat wallets do not really care about what their motorcycles are delivering in terms of efficiency figures, it does bother the rest who ride a motorcycle for their daily commute and are concerned about the rising fuel prices. So in the report below have listed down the seven easiest ways you must follow to increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle.

Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle

Go easy on the throttle

This is not rocket science, the more you abuse your engine, the lesser efficiency it will return. So make sure you never over rev irrespective of the gear you are riding your motorcycle in. And always ride at a decent pace, as the faster you go, the more power your engine will require to push you faster. So riding at sensible speeds has its own benefits apart from keeping you safe.

Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle

Adhere to vehicle’s recommended fuel type

 Recommended fuel type for your motorcycle is always mentioned either on the fuel tank sticker or in the service manual guide book. Make sure you know which fuel is the best for your motorcycle as it may vary depending upon your engine size and type. Generally bigger displacement motorcycles or performance motorcycles have higher compression ratios and hence they require RON97 fuel, while other like daily commuters have lower compression ratio and they need RON89 – RON91 recommended fuel. Hence your engine will only run at its optimum condition when it is fed with the recommended fuel.

Keep the tyre pressure under check

One of the most common factors which affect a motorcycle’s fuel efficiency is low pressure in tyres. When a tyre runs on low pressure it tends to create a bigger contact patch with the ground, hence more friction is produced which results in higher tyre temperature and lower fuel efficiency. So always make sure that your motorcycle tyres are always filled up to the recommended tyre pressure.

Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle
Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle
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Watch the weight

The heavier your motorcycle is, the more your engine will have to work to compensate for the extra weight and hence efficiency stumbles in such case. So it always better to keep your motorcycle light, and yourself fit. As apart from better fuel efficiency figures, reducing weight will also benefit your overall power to weight figures, hence making your motorcycle faster.

Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle

Avoid prolonged idling

One of the most common ways to get a higher fuel mileage out the engine is to avoid prolonged idling. So keep your engine off whenever you have to wait at a red light longer than 10-12 seconds.

Always go for the recommended engine oil

The right grade of engine oil helps to run your engine smoother and reduces friction between the engine’s mechanical parts. The smoother it runs, the more efficient it is. The recommended engine oil will also help in maintaining the engine’s performance and longer life.

Change or replace the air-filter

Most of the motorcycle riders are guilty of this. Out of all the things they do for extended mileage, they simply forget about the condition of their motorcycle’s air filter. If the filter is clogged due to dirt and debris that’s been sticking on it for a long time now the engine will have to work twice as much due to breathing issues. And hence it is always recommended to keep a check on your air-filter before cribbing about bad fuel efficiency.   

Increase the fuel efficiency of your motorcycle

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