How to avoid common motorcycle crashes – Part 1

Motorcycle crashes are bound to happen. It doesn’t really matter if you are a rookie rider or a professional at least once in a while you will bite the dust because crashes are unavoidable sometimes. But there are certain tips and tricks that you can practice, or at least keep in mind that will trim down your chances of a crash while riding a bike.

Use turn indicators

The most common way you can get yourself knocked out from behind is by turning without a signal. If you don’t signal the direction you are about to take, then there are good chances that the vehicle coming from behind will not be alerted about your sudden lane/direction change and hence may not brake in time. So the first rule of safe riding is to use direction indicators which are not just for your safety, but for the safety of others too.

Motorcycle crashes
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Use both the brakes

Braking is one of the most important skills to learn as it can save your life. The right way to brake is to use braking force on both the ends or in simple words use both brakes whenever you need to stop.  This distributes the braking forces and neither end washes out or skids.

Another important point to note here is that use the front-brake very cautiously, if your motorcycle doesn’t have ABS (Anti-brake Lock System) then there are good chances that the front-end might get locked when the lever is pressed harder than required. So always maintain a safe braking distance from the vehicle ahead, and brake in time and cautiously.

Also, make sure that your brakes are properly serviced and the disc pads have enough life left. If your brakes aren’t in the best state then you are only inviting trouble for yourself.

Motorcycle crashes

Use rear view mirrors

There is a reason why rearview mirrors are called life savers. They provide a good view of the vehicle oncoming from the back. Hence always make sure that you look behind whenever you need to change lanes, or overtake. Also, at the same time, do not forget to use the turn indicators to alert the other vehicle for the direction changes.

Avoid night riding

Riding a motorcycle at night comes with its own share of risks. Visibility drops at night and it becomes harder to see the obstacles, and then there are some fools who drive on the high-beam. All these factors combine to make the night riding far riskier compared to the day riding. Even experienced riders who have a fair share of experience under their belt will recommend the same.

Even if you decide to ride at night, make sure you wear enough reflective clothing and have extra lights installed on your bike for the best visibility. And if possible, always ride out with some friends/companions at night.

Motorcycle crashes

Do not ride faster than your guardian angel

The faster you ride the more risk you invite. Make sure that you have enough patience, and respect for your motorcycle and your life. Never try to test the limits of your bike on the public roads, and most importantly avoid road-racing at all costs.

“Going fast on a motorcycle is okay, but never hurry”

Motorcycle crashes

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