How Grandpitstop’s Center Dolly can solve all your bike parking problems

Bike parking problems are fairly common among cruiser bike riders because such machines are big and bulky which show their true weight when they have to be parked in tight spots. Because of their mass and long-wheelbase, it requires more than usual muscle to manoeuvre these vehicles without the use of mechanical force. Also, what makes this job tougher is the fact that these bikes generally have a very limited turning radius which makes it hard to turn them around in a limited space. Hence, such bikes need special care and exclusive parking spaces which isn’t shared alongside other bikes.

But since not everyone can afford to own a special garage, they are always a pain when it comes to the parking. To overcome this two-wheeler parking issue, Grandpitstop has developed a one-stop solution for all your heavy bike parking problems. The Center Dolly is such a tool which allows the motorcycle to do 360-degree movements with zero physical effort.

Parking Problems

What is a Centre-Dolly and how does it work?

The Grandpitstop’s Centre-Dolly is a one-stop solution for all bike parking problems. It works as a tray which has wheels attached to it, and the motorcycle can be easily placed on the same. To mount the motorcycle, the user needs to place the motorcycle’s centre stand on the tray. Once the bike is fixed on to the Center Dolly it can be placed in any direction without needing the bike to be moved. Since the wheels are free to do 360-degree movements, this doesn’t restrict the bike’s movements allowing it to enter and exit tight parking spaces without any efforts at all. The Center Dolly is made up of high-grade steel which has been designed to accommodate motorcycles of all weights and dimensions. The Centre-Dolly is a welcoming tool for motorcycle workshops where parking space is an ultimate challenge. Thus the use of this tool can help such businesses to run more efficiently.  

How is it different from a paddock-stand?

A paddock stand is not a parking solution but is rather a tool designed for bikes with no centre stands. A Centre Dolly, on the other hand, helps the bike to be parked in a more efficient manner by reducing the physical labour.

Is it any brand-specific product?

The Center Dolly is a universal solution for all things related to motorcycle parking. It has been engineered to accommodate motorcycles of all kinds as long as they have a centre-stand which can be placed on the Centre Dolly. Since it weighs not more than 8.4 kgs and comes in a compact design, it can be easily carried and proves to be very handy to use.

Centre Dolly cost and order placement information?

The GrandPitsop’s Center Dolly is available for the order at the This tool currently retails at a special discounted price of INR 3,500.

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