How fixing tyre puncture is not as difficult as it looks like

One of the greatest fears of a motorcyclist is to get stuck somewhere in the middle of the road next to nowhere. If the cause is a busted chain set or an engine then there is nothing much you can do about it, as calling for a tow van is the best option you have, but a busted tyre? Well that should definitely not be something to worry about and in the article below we explain what needs to be done in case you have a flat tyre.

Bike puncture

As soon as a sharp article (usually a nail or a thin nut) hits the tyre at a wrong spot, it usually pierces the rubber surface especially when the tyre is on the move as it is comparatively easy to slip in due to momentum forces and softer surface due to raised temperature. As a result, it deflates the tyre and you can’t move any further until the issue is fixed.

Now what? Either you can push your luggage laden motorcycle at least a few kilometers down the road to the next fuel pump or a tyre repair shop, else you can simply carry a Mini plug puncture repair kit as available on, which is good enough to repair a leakage in less than a minute.

How can a puncture be fixed?

All you have to do is simply follow the steps below using the Mini Plug Puncture Repair Kit:

  1. Make sure the motorcycle is parked properly on a plain surface or else you really wouldn’t want it to tumble on either sides when you trying to work on the more important issue.
  2. Take a closer look at the tyre, it shouldn’t be the rare case of tyre blow out, if no then thank lord for that, else keep the towing van number handy (no we are not joking).
  3. If it is a regular puncture, and you can clearly see the nail resting inside the tyre in peace, pull it out and examine the leakage properly.
  4. Use the reamer from the repair kit pouch to widen the leakage making space for the repair plug/mushroom to fit in the tyre.
  5. Soon after that, use the probe to insert the nozzle into the space drilled using the reamer.
  6. Pull out the probe, let the nozzle rest and screw the mushroom plug into the nozzle.
  7. Rotate the key and push the mushroom plug inside the tyre, and remove the tools.
  8. After the above step, the plug has already been fixed into the leakage space and it has been sealed properly by this time.
  9. Lastly, pull the plug outside making sure that it fits the inside surface well (acting as a rivet), and you are good to go.

The punctures can be easily fixed using the above steps, but soon after you will need to inflate the tyre which can be done using Grandpitstop’s tyre inflation kits available online. These kits comprises of C02 cartridges which tend to inflate all kinds of tyres in no time.

Make sure you carry the puncture repair kit and the inflation kit on all your motorcycle road trips, which will surely save your time and energy in case there is a nail waiting for your motorcycle tyre on the next corner of the trip.

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