Dos and Don’ts while motorcycle chain cleaning!

There are certain basic motorcycle service skills you should possess if you ride a bike and along with washing, changing engine oil, and other stuff, chain maintenance knowledge is a must for all the young riders who’ve just forayed into the motorcycle world.  Chain cleaning and lubrication is a simple process which doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to do, but at the same time ensures a long life of your motorcycle chain set. So in this post today we take you through a swift tour of all the dos and don’ts you strictly need to follow when working on your motorcycle chain.

Motorcycle maintenance


1.       Make sure you give the motorcycle a proper wash before starting the chain maintenance work, or else all the freshly applied lube can get washed away in the process. So always do the motorcycle washing and cleaning prior to the chain maintenance.

2.       The motorcycle should be properly parked on a flat surface with rear wheel lifted off the ground using a center stand or a motorcycle paddock stand.  If you have none, that makes the process a lot harder as you have to maneuver the bike on your side kickstand. You can also use a G-Roller as a paddock/center stand replacement.

3.       As soon as the rear wheel is off the surface, the gearbox should be clinked to neutral and ensure the wheel is free to spin.

4.       Before starting with the work, take a closer look at the chain and the sprocket to gauge the remaining life of the chainset. A healthy sprocket will have a flat top and would be evenly worn on both the leading and trailing edges of each sprocket teeth. Also, check the side-to-side movement/wiggle room that your chain allows, it should be close to a minimum.  

5.       Cover the ground with waste newspapers or sheets to prepare for the muck and dirt that will drip from the motorcycle chain.

6.       Use a chain cleaning spray (Motul Chain Cleaner or 3M Chain Cleaner) to knock the grime off the motorcycle chain. Apply the spray evenly on all the areas of the chain, leaving no surface undone. Use a chain cleaning brush to scrub the chain and take off all the dirt that’s been sticking to the corners of the chain. The cleaner the chain is, better the motorcycle chain lube will work.

7.       Use a dry cloth to soak all the extra cleaner dripping off from the chain, and then let it dry for some time.

8.       As soon as the chain is clean and shiny, use the chain lube spray (Motul Chain Lube or 3M Chain Lube) and use it generously covering each side of the chain. Let the lube dry for some time and you are good to go.


1.       Do not keep the ignition ‘ON’ while cleaning or lubricating the chain, as accidents are bound to happen if you use mechanical power to spin the rear wheel.

2.       Don’t forget to keep your fingers away from the sprocket bite, or else you may get seriously injured.

3.       Keep the spray nozzle carefully pointed at the motorcycle chain, or its accidental application on unwanted parts may create havoc of a situation when it comes to cleaning.

4.       Do not forget to cover your mouth and nose with a mask or a wet cloth to avoid any accidental inhalation of the sprays while use.

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