Dos and Don’ts of motorcycle helmet maintenance

A motorcycle helmet is arguably the most important riding gear when it comes to safety and why not? It does such an important task of keeping your head safe, rest everything else surely comes secondary. Helmets come in all shapes and sizes, and with all the advancement in safety research and development standards, helmets are getting better and safer with time. But no matter how modern a helmet is, it still needs the care to stay properly functional. Even a new helmet starts stinking foul just after a good long ride and all helmets need to be properly taken care of to ensure that they remain in a good condition.  

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1.       It’s always recommended that you use facemasks, skull caps, or bandanas as this protective layer between your skin and the helmet soaks up the majority of sweat at the first place and hence less of the skin liquid is absorbed by the insides of the helmet.

2.       Always lubricate the moving parts of a helmet like a visor hinge and make sure you do that with a silicone based lubricant. This will slow down the rate at which your helmet parts may wear out during usage.

3.       When you want an internal cleaning of the helmet wash the inner liner using a mild soap or mild laundry detergent preferably a baby shampoo, this will clean even the strongest stains from all corners of the helmet. Also, you can go for ‘Motul Helmet Interior Cleaner’ which helps to keep the insides of a helmet fresh and removes all the bad odors from daily usage. 

4.       You can always clean the visor of the helmet using the ‘Motul Helmet and Visor Cleaner’ as available on, this will ensure that your visor stays stain free with the clearest vision. It also cleans down all the fiber components of a helmet.

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5.       Use a microfiber cloth when cleaning the visor, and apply minimal pressure to not leave any rubbing or scratch marks on the visor glass.

6.       To ensure the paint life of your helmet and keep its glossiness on, wax it or apply automotive polish on the shell of a glass lid. This application will also protect the helmet from guts, grime and water spots for a longer period.

7.       You can always air-dry the helmet post cleaning and waxing, and a normal room fan will only speed up the process.

8.       Buy a helmet stand if you can afford one, it ensures that the helmet is kept firmly and reduces the chances of it falling down.


1.       Speaking of the don’ts, it is never recommended to use any ammonia-based cleaner or glass cleaner on the helmet visor. The fact that ammonia is known to break down the polycarbonate lenses makes them useless over time.

2.       Dryer sheets are not exactly the best option to freshen up the helmet, they sometimes contain strong chemicals which are known to cause severe skin reactions and allergies to a number of people.

3.       The use of any soap with fabric softener in it may disrupt moisture-wicking liners from being fully functional.

4.       Never ‘dry-clean’ and prevent putting too much pressure while cleaning the visor of the helmet as it is the main cause of bad scratch marks, which ultimately results in a blurry view.

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