Dos and Don’ts of long motorcycle storage

Sometimes bikes need to be stored away for longer intervals, for example – when you’ve bought a new bike and you are simply bored of riding the previous one. Or it’s just too cold/hot outside to saddle up on a motorcycle. Whatever the case may be, storing your motorcycle for a long time is a tricky business and if not done right, problems that arise when bringing back the motorcycle to life again may prove to be too pricey. So in the article below we mention a few Dos and Don’ts that you need to follow when storing your motorcycle for a longer period than a month.


  • Wash and wax

Washing your motorcycle is a must and it’s obvious why. Dust and grime sticking on to the metal surface for a long time will only cause rust, especially on the open cracks on chassis or frame which will only weaken its structural strength in a longer period of time. Also following the wash, make sure you wax the surface properly to keep it protected for a longer period of time.

Motorcycle paint
  • Change oil

The oil change is a must because used oil tends to be higher in terms of carbon content which rises up on the surface when the oil is left suspended for a long time. This carbon tends to react with the internal surface of the engine chambers causing serious damage to its internal parts. Hence make sure you service the motorcycle and change its used oil before the storage.

  • Mount it on centre stand

Another important step you need to follow is mounting it on the centre stand or a paddock stand. When motorcycles are parked away on the side stand for a longer period, the tyre surface which touches the ground might become flat if the tyre pressure is low, and this flat patch is enough to completely disrupt the tyre’s smooth functioning forever. Hence it is always recommended to park the bike using its centre stand or a paddock stand.

  • Remove battery

The general issue faced by motorcycles when parked for a long time is drained out batteries. And it is simply because when batteries aren’t in use (for a long time when they are plugged into the motorcycle wiring) they tend to juice-out eventually which may happen even to the fresh batteries once they are plugged in. The usual time it takes for their juice to run out (when not in use) is usually between 50 to 80 days. In such case, simply disconnect the battery wires plugged to the motorcycle and you are good to go.

  • Prepare the fuel system

This step is one of the most important steps when it comes to long storage of the bikes, and it is done to prevent the extreme conditions which lead to chocking up of fuel injectors/carburetors when the fuel is left over in the stranded motorcycles. The best solution in this case is to fuel up the bike and mix additives which are specifically used to treat ethanol related problems. After the addition, take out the bike for a short spin as this will mix the solution and prevent impurities from choking up the fuel system.


  • Don’t let the chain unattended

Do not forget to clean and lubricate the chain before the storage, as it will wipe off all the rust caused by dirt and muck on the chain.

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  • Don’t deflate tyres

Make sure you do not deflate the tyres before storing as it creates flat surface patches in a longer time and always keep the air-pressure higher than the recommended.  

  • Don’t forget the covers

Motorcycle should be covered properly before the storage, and make sure it parked under a properly contained garage or under a roof where it is protected from direct sunlight.

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