Different types of motorcycle helmets and their usage

Motorcycle helmet is the most important riding gear you can invest in since it is highly crucial from the safety point of view. A helmet protects the most crucial part of your body, which is your head and riding without a proper helmet is surely an open invitation to the trouble. Now days with the introduction of different forms of motorcycling styles, helmet makers have introduced various kinds of helmets which fit a specific style. And in the report below we discuss all branches of motorcycle helmets and their usages!

Full Face helmets

Probably this is what comes to your mind when you think about a motorcycle helmet. A full face helmet is the safest form of helmet you can buy which is designed for every day riding. Such helmets properly cover the front head, back, and chin of the rider. While the portion in front of the face (especially eyes) is shielded by the clear view visor protection. The only problem with full face helmets is that they do not have very good air ventilation which is necessary when riding in hot conditions. But with the kind of overall protection they provide, buying a full face helmet is probably the most logical for people who ride every day in city.

motorcycle helmet

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Sports or Racing Helmets

A sport helmet is also a full face helmet but it is designed specifically for sport riding or track riding. A sport class helmet is built keeping three factors in mind, vision, safety and weight. These helmets have a wide vision to complement the peripheral vision of the bike rider. They also have such a design that the rider can clearly see what lies ahead even when he is hunched over. The second factor is safety, since these helmets are used in extreme riding conditions like on track races, they are built on the maximum safety standards. Their impact absorbing abilities are far greater than regular helmets and they also provide tight fit so that they don’t fly off in case of an instant impact. Such helmets also pack emergency removal system, visor lock mechanism and much more. But they are very costly and can easily range from $500 to $1500.

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Modular or Flip-Flop Helmets

Modular helmets are something which lies in between full face helmets and open face helmets. Modular helmets comprises of structure which allows the chin cover to slide all the way up to the top. This is good for people wanting to stop for a quick smoke, or eat snacks without removing or taking off the entire helmet. But they are clearly not as safe as full face helmets. They are more preferred by adventure touring or sport touring riders.

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Open Face Helmets

Open face helmets are very famous among the scooter and cruiser bike riders. They provide an airy feel and look classic. They are fairly safe but are still not close to full face helmets because the face is entirely open, and also there is no chin protection.

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Motocross Helmets

Motocross helmets are very distinctive because of their looks. They come with sun peaks, open face structure which is uncovered for maximum ventilation, and a long stretched chin protection. They provide excellent air ventilation which is crucial when riding in hot off road conditions. And are designed to accommodate riding goggles over the shell.

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Dual-Sport Helmets (AKA crossover, ADV, hybrid, enduro)

Such helmets fall off somewhere in between a full face helmet and a motocross helmet. They are widely used by long distance adventure bike riders.

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