7 things to keep in mind before a night ride

Seasoned motorcycle riders will always recommend you not to ride during the night time and it isn’t hard to figure out why. Visibility is bare minimum, and hence reaction time is more. It is easy to lose your way during the night and it is ever easier to hit the bad patches which might get you into trouble. Since visibility is a major concern, there are more chances of road accidents and fatalities due to absence of instant help. So before making a plan for a long night ride make sure you read the below check points thoroughly to stay out of trouble.  

  • Check your motorcycle during the day

Nothing better than a brief inspection of the motorcycle you are planning to take on the night ride as prevention is always better than the cure. Make sure you have a close look on the tyres condition, do a quick brake test, inspect the oil level, and check if all the lights and indicators are working properly. Also keep the bike service kit handy in case there are some last minute adjustments. 

Before a night ride
  • Know your route and let someone know where you are heading

Make sure the route you are planning to take have all the active emergency services and is safe for night driving or riding. Choose the route which has proper lighting and also check that your family and friends are aware about the road that you are traveling on, and if you can keep them updated with your location (using digital location sharing services) it can be of great benefit in terms of your safety.

Before a night ride
  • Get extra lighting for the night

These days it is ridiculously easy to get extra after-market LED headlight support at a very affordable cost. Opt for the LED lights as they have a longer life time, consume less battery charge and are brighter than traditional halogen lamps. Extra light on the road will only keep you in the safe zone, especially when the road lights go off.

Before a night ride
  • Wear reflective covers and vests

Apart from fitting your motorbike with aftermarket LED lights, make sure you wear reflective vests during the night ride to make yourself more visible to others. Reflective vests are a life saver as they instantly make the rider more noticeable. Reflectors don’t just have to be restricted to your jackets and pants, but you can always add the same to some parts of your luggage, boots, helmets and the motorcycle too. More reflectors you wear, more visible you become.   

Before a night ride
  • Always carry tools including a puncture kit along

It recommended that you carry the basic motorcycle service kit that comes with the stock bike. This kit includes small and basic tools for minor adjustments on the bike. On the other hand, a puncture kit will make sure that your ride isn’t brought to instant halt since it is impossible to find a puncture repair shop during the night. You can always check out Grand Pitstop puncture repair kit which comes to the rescue during such rides.

Before a night ride
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  • Ride with a group if you can

If you have some riding buddies who love motorcycles as much as you do, make sure to tag them along. Night riding is risky compared to the day riding, and it’s always helpful if you have an extra helping hand at disposal in case you get in to some trouble. Also, it is always fun to have riding buddies around, isn’t it?

Before a night ride
  • Take full day rest before the night ride and do not over eat

Night riding can take a toll on your health if you haven’t rested properly during the day time. It is recommended that you take a full day rest before riding and do not consume a heavy meal as it can bring discomfort to the stomach and make you lazy. To keep your senses on alert you need proper rest and just about adequate food to get going.  

Before a night ride

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